Affiliate income increasing ideas

Affiliate income is is always a difficult situation for a new blogger.Though affiliate marketing can generates money even if you have a small amount of visitor let say 100 per day , yet to a get a decent earning and constant earning a huge amount you need a huge amount of visitors.Reason 100 visitors per day is not enough to generate regular income.Moreover affiliate marketing best work with search visitors rather than social media visitors.Very clearly it should be keep in mind that affiliate income not only depends on the only search traffic and not even required a huge traffic like ads.For decent advertisement earning from adsence or medianet it required most of search engine visitors and a decent amount of traffic let say 5000 per day or more. But on the other hand affiliate income can be generated on even 200 page views per day.Its simple depends what u are selling and type of visitors who is visiting your websites.

Commonly affiliated marketing depends on the 4 parameters

  1. Traffic:

Like other online income affiliated marketing is always depends upon the traffic.If the traffic is less then be sure no product sale.Every people are not interested to buy the products which you have listed for sale in your website.Though that’s very difficult to say the actual conversion rate for affiliate yet can say 1 -2 % can expected.That does not mean if your blog received 100 visitor per day means 1 sale guaranteed.The calculation of conversion rate valid if you consider atleast 2000 visitors.At-least 200 to 500 page views are required to get a basic and minimize income from affiliated.

  • Selling platform brand value:

That’s keep a major difference.If you are trying to sell a new e commerce site product then there should be a less chance to user click that link and purchase as that site is new.For online selling the most important things is brand value,where buyers can at least trust the site.Reason they need to pay the first then they will get the product(except the cash on delivery method and seen only 50% product have option for cash on delivery if buyers from rural area).That’s why for a physical product and digital product a old site work better.Amazon take at-least 5 years to generate a great amount of sales online.On the other hand if you are selling affiliate products then it can convert better as the referred site is known to other though your website is new.  

  • What you are selling:

Another important parameter is what you are selling.I have make that mistake earlier in the first stage of my affiliate income.

Approximately 4 years ago i choose a product industrial paper shredder for selling for my niche paper shredder blog but product I choose the biggest one a machine with 3000 dollar or more.I thought I am a smartest person who will sale a product and get 300 dollar on each sale.I was getting good amount of traffic but no conversion.Later I realized the product I choose that never purchased by a common people or even not a company a they like to purchase those machine from their regular vendor.So try to choose the product which are less in cost and feasible to buy online.Any product with any cost will not sold.The selection on product keep a vital role for conversion.

  •  Product you choose:

It might be look like the last point but here I mean to say about the category.The category is very important to attract user.If your blog is on baby products then you can sell these baby products.Other wise try to choose product which are regular in use like garments,coat/jacket,furniture,show piece,painting etc.Try to avoid books as lot of ebooks are I market and most of them are free.

Now question is how can I start and what will be the procedure.The next step is apply for the affiliate account on amazon or other and then you can add those.But before adding try to keep in mind the following points.

1. Keyword research: Content based on the keywords will give extra energy and chance to sell your product so try to research the keyword first.Only work for the search engine traffic.If that traffic is from search engine it means the keyword and long trail keyword you hit with your website which good for your further sales.If you want to use your content to pull traffic from the search engines, then you’ll need to do your keyword research. This is best achievable when you use keyword tool, which aids in preparing articles that are rich in keywords.For keyword research you can choose semrush or kwfinder.

2. Social Marketing: Beside the search traffic you can give importance to the social media marketing as like ads no need to think about mass it only depends

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