What is mean by SEMRush?SEMRush Review

When you are doing the digital marketing content creation or creating a blog in both case it required 3 things.

  1. Fresh and without copy Content
  2. Keywords and title tag selection
  3. Seo

Among these 3 steps given above the fresh and without copy content is difficult but can be manage.But the only content writing is not enough.For making money you need to choose a good keywords.Keywords help to rank the post in google search easily and can generate lot of users if that choose in perfect way.The low competition keywords is the best way to place the content in the top.Now question is how to find the right keywords.

Semrush do the same for you.It help to find the specific and profitable keywords list when ever you will choose that.SEMRush is a program many new and older bloggers are using to optimize their sites, create the content their audience wants and create a better experience for their visitors.Ultimately profitable keyword can bring lot of visitors to your site which can help you to generate the money.

I am using the same tool for last 4 years and that is really good. That same tool is trusted by many professional bloggers and SEO agencies for so many years.The tool is called as SEMrush.When ever I started to create a new post in blog I try to search the keyword which is profitable enough and has less competition.If you find the set of keywords then you can write content based on that which can be a best strategy to get success for a new post.

Before purchase sem rush I was just writing content based on the any keyword which I have knowledge and like to write.I also not giving any special attention on that.But thats why lot of my earlier post in other site and blog is not able to create good amount of sale in market.But now I give some time to find the perfect keyword and then write the content only.

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I emphasize the geographical location feature as it’s important for those who target specific countries like Spain, the U.K, Australia, India, the U.S., etc.And some country the cost of cpc is high for adsence and for some too low.You can also use this feature to see how your site ranks in specific countries’ search engines.

It is an essential SEM tool that I believe every serious blogger and internet marketer should have in their SEO tool.Because without that your effort of writing high quality content can gone in drain.From the image below you can understand how sem rush can show you the number of traffic,costs,url and position and some other details.If you choose a topics gadgets and decide to write about the a gadgets
(which come new In market) and find that there is no such visitors are coming in that keyword.Then definitely you should change your post topics as you know that will not bring good amount of traffic.So writing a content and wasting the valuable time of yours in useless.

Let me explain a few of the fields on this report page…

    Keyword: The keyword for that specific ranked page.

    Pos: The keyword’s position in the specified search engine. In this example, I have selected Google’s US database (default), but you can change it to other locations and search engines too. You can also use the Free Keyword Monitor for verification.

    Volume: Most important column which we discussed above if less volume of traffic mostly there will chance for less money you can make with that topics or post.Number of exact match queries for that keyword in the local search. In this example, I have once again used Google’s US database. (This data was taken using the Google Keyword planner tool which I have also verified the accuracy of myself.)

    CPC: Another important one as that says about your earning from that post which you are going to write.Average cost per click for the keyword.

    URL: Corresponding URL to which that keyword is driving traffic.

    Com: The full form is competition.Thats the another most vital parameter before you plan to write article about any.If there is already lot of competition then better to choose anything else.This shows the competition of advertisers for that keyword. A lower number means little competition and a higher number means greater competition for that term. (How can a search engine marketing tool be complete without a competition check?)

    Results: Number of search engine results.  (A lower number here is better.)

    Trend: This is one column which I find very interesting. In order to find profitable keywords, we need to make sure the traffic trend for that keyword is not dying. This column pulls up the search trend for that keyword over the last 12 months.

That kind of in depth analysis on each keyword help you to understand are you going I right direction or not.You can also check the competitor site keyword which one giving maximum output and mostly viewed by other.Beside that you can also get the number of backlinks,referring domains ,do follow and nofollow links count for any site.If you ever check your google analytic result then you can understand that 60% of traffic come only from 5 to 10 articles.

They are offering 14 days free trial.Once you click here you can get that.If you think it is effective then you should go with that other wise not.But I think it will change your mind and you should take there plan once you try their trial.Because these information are valuable enough to choose the perfect content,title and keywords for your post.That definitely a smart tool and if you will choose that then it will be your most smart move.Click here to get 14 days free trial now.

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