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These are the most essential part of the blogger and online property creator.

We all know earning from online can be a great as it can works and bring money 24 hrs even when you are in a sound sleep.So we all want to start and increase online earning which can come from adsence,affiliates marketing,amazon sales, direct ads and direct digital copy sale(ebooks and other).Below you will get the complete list which is essential for our online journey.That’s a long list but effective.More tools are updating time to time here.


Search Engine Optimization Related Tools

Due to lot of competitors in the blog earning field search engine optimization become one of the effective ways to generate search traffic.Also we know earning can increase dramatically if search engine traffic can come on website.


Kwfinder is one of the great tool in the seo.It help to search the quality keyword which can be rank with certain number of back links and a informative post.It help us to make a list of keywords which is really helpful to generate a good amount of traffic to our blog and sites.From its name its clear that it help to find some nice keywords for your blog and business websites.

Know in depth about the kwfinder

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SEMrush :

SEMrush offers solutions for SEO, PPC, content, social media and competitive research. Trusted by over 3000000 marketers worldwide.It help to research and help to find some competitors keyword which can bring your success over your competitors by finding some unique keywords which they are using to generate a good amount of traffic..  

Know in depth about the SEMRUSH

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Its a part of the mangools tool.So if you have kwfinder then you will get the linkminer.That new tool to help you check the backlinks of your site and competitor sites.Using the LinkMiner tool, you can easily check the links your site has generated over the years and filter them according to type. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the extensive metrics available within the tool, coming from a variety of third-party sites.

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All in SEO pack:

All in seo pack not only help you to manage your post on page seo work (by doing robottxt,custom taxonomies,categories & tag optimization,meta tag,image tag , sitemap,social media optimization work) even it can stop or block bad bots to visit your website and slowing down your site.Pro version help for added woocommerce support,seo for video to rank those on google search video section manage,Support for and Google Knowledge Graph,optimized for bing search.Cost of that pro wordpress business plugin is high.So only purchase if you think it required for you.If you like to take then you should go for 1 site first(individual plan) then if you think it work for your site or it perfect tool for you then upgrade for multiple sites(business plan).

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Hosting is one of the most important part for each blog and website.Now a days there are 1000 of hosting available but effective one which can handle huge traffic are very few.We know that without traffic no money can be generated.So like a nice informative post writing a hosting is too essential which can bring the content to large number the visitors.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a leader in Managed Hosting solutions for long time.They have lot of different server which are with high configuration and perfect for large volume visitors site,blog apps etc.They have also game server.If you ever looking for a server which have high uptime guarantee and can handle a huge volume of user then liquid web is a best choice for you.Though there high end and high configuration server are costly from normal server but that only best solution for them who are facing lot of downtime or not able to handle the current high volume of visitors.From below link you can get the best discount 80% off which you can not get any where else.If you looking for vps and dedicated server then that a best choice.

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Bluehost is one of the best and old hosting which is not only popular even effective enough. Lot of renowned blogger are using bluehost for their blog hosting.Its one of the popular.

Know in depth about the Hostgator

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Bluehost is one of the best and old hosting which is not only popular even effective enough.Lot of renowned blogger are using bluehost for their blog hosting.User friendly dashboard and fast loading capability make it different from other.

Know in depth about the Bluehost

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A2 hosting:

A2 hosting was in the market for long time but they not advertise themselves too much.Its also a effective hosting which can give a fastest loading of blog and websites.A fast loading can decrease the ranking and help your post to place in the fast page of google search.Can handle the huge traffic for ecommerce website and news website also.

Know in depth about the A2hosting

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Like the other hosting hostinger is the one of the good server for hosting sites and wordpress site.But now a days there lucreative discount makes them some thing special from other.Lot of people choose that server for the there wordpress blog or startup.From below link you can get upto 90 percent discount on the hosting.Have a look on the offer.

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WordPress themes:

90% of blogs are developed in wordpress and now a days most of the website also developed in wordpress.But wordpress is always effective if you have some nice themes.Some free and by default theme of wordpress is not attractive in look hence low amount of visitors you can expect.


Elegant themes are very popular themes as they have some nice theme pack of more than 85.All themes are different type among these stunning themes divi is most popular ones.

Know in depth about the Elegant

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Generate Press

One most popular theme pro tool from Generate press.The pro tool named as gp pro.190000 install and 647 of 5 star reviews make it something special.There are lot of benefit of using that tool.Lot of essential things can be managed in wordpress using that tool.Effective for woo commerce also.Themes are basically free they only charge for the pro tool which can boost the wordpress.

Know in depth about the Generate press

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Social Media Tools & Email Marketing:

Social media tools includes various social media related work like sharing or scheduled sharing software, video making software and other.As a part of digital marketing work where you want to send email to subscriber with your products or content to bring some visitors to your blog , awber (email marketing software) is trustable.Email marketing is take a vital role for grab some decent customers for you.


Awber is a email marketing online software which help to manage your email marketing campaign.If you have lot of subscriber for your blog and want to send mail to them then awber is the perfect choice for you.For so many years they handling lot of mail campaign.With Aweber, it also has innovative options to analyze the best functionalities and marketing strategies to ensure better results and achieve the reach of the goals, it is remarkable the monitoring of marketing by email since you can have a very complete vision of the campaigns and see the results of them.Start your 30 days free trial and then you can choose the plan as per as your needs.

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Social pilot:

Social pilot help to manage your social sharing by scheduling the post.We all know now a days social media is too important medium for genuine web visitors.Its also a great source of generate high amount of views if properly manage.That tool help to manage by doing automatic post sharing based on your scheduled time.So you can manage a long list of your social account with couple of minutes each week.

Know in depth about the social pilot

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Render Forest:

Render forest help you to create a promotional or ex plainer video for your website,blog,business or software.For each company and each organizations video normally these following are required like : logo anitmation, ex plainer,corporate presentation,broadcasting video,infographics,retail presentation video clips.

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