kwfinder review how that is effective and useful?

Starting blog is not too difficult job.First need to book a domain for that you can check godaddy $1 domain which can be the one of best way to start as you have to pay the 1/10 th value of that.Then you need to book a hosting from bluehost or a2hosting as both are working fine for a blog or website.Then need to set some setting related work in the nameserver or aaa recording inside the config panel of bluehost.You are all set.Congrats you have a domain name ready with hosting.Now need to install wordpress and add a wordpress theme from elegant theme or other.
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These 3 job will take approximately 60 mins of time now then next steps is write some content.To write content you have to first need to do some research on which topics and keywords can give you the best output or in a technical way can say maximum number of traffic.For that kwfinder works great.You can get a list of keywords (better to say long trail keywords) which can bring lot of traffic to your blog.100 keywords with 1 st ranked and with 200 per month search volume can give you 20000 visitors and 50-60 thousand pageviews.The more you increase is better to gain more output.But without searching keywords writing post on a common topics will not ever ranked in google which means your blog will never bring huge traffic.For keyword research you might be check a free toll from google named google keyword planner.But that not work too great as for that you need atleast 1 adwords account and then you have to search properly with your own keyword list.Which make it difficult.If you have no ideas which keyword will suitable for your blog then how can you search to find out the actual number of searches.Also google keyword planner gives a broad searches which make it little bit difficult to find out the exact search volume.

With kwfinder it will take some clicks and time to find out a list of long trail keywords for your blog.Thought in the market lot of other tool is available yet kwfinder is the cheapest tool available in the store.You can access the tool in any system as that a online service not required to install any software.Only you need to login your account.That tool will give you the exact amount of amount so it will easier for you to find the list of keyword based on the potential of the keyword.Beside that you will get the country based search so you can understand which keyword will work for you best based on your country.In the kwfinder you can also know the auto complete keyword which is basically a suggestion from google search to give you list of keywords which is normally used by the other people from different county.These auto complete keywords works great if you properly work and make a list as these keywords are not only long trail keywords even these are easy to rank.

Now a days lot of query based keywords come in the search.People are like to search with who,why,how based question parameters.These keywords are searched most and people like to visit those pages which gives the exact keywords based article.So combination of these 3 section help you to create a list of all long phase keywords which can bring lot of traffic.

Another positive features of the kwfinder is it shows you keyword seo difficulty points on each keyword.

    0-9 : This keyword can be ranked with near to zero efforts.Its too easy to rank though the number of visits per month on these keyword is less.

    10-19: This is rank able keyword.It means it can be ranked with a little bit difficulty but not need too many back links point to the article.

    20-29 : This keyword can be ranked with normal efforts.Its also similar the above one but need some more back links than 10-19 range.

    30-39 : This can be ranked with some extra efforts.A bit difficult to rank but so hard.  

    40-54 : Little hard, but can be ranked with right techniques.You have to do rnd to rank on these keywords.

    55-74 : Hard to rank keyword but these keywords can generate a good amount of visitors per month.

    75-89:  Very hard to rank this keyword.3-5 keywords come in that rank but these are not fully long trail based.

90-100 :  Don’t even think about ranking for this keyword.These keyword generates 50% volume of visits.But as many people try to rank in that keyword to get the maximum visits so to rank with those keyword are very difficult and need a large number of back links,domain authority,page authority etc.

At any moment you can export the list in csv format and keep the vital keyword list for future use or for other article.

In search filter section you can search and get number of keyword based on the cpc based.If you are looking for high cpc based keyword list to target and write content on those then you can make that list using that features.Also you will get the keyword position flow which will gives you idea which keyword works great and which one not.So that way you can track the ranking of your site on those keyword.Kwfinder come with some more useful tool in a pack of mangools tools and cost approximately 296 per yr for the basic plan(which will be quite less than $1 per day).If you want you can choose for monthly based plan.If you plan for multiple sites and constantly then you should choose the year based plan which will give you approximately more than 50% discount.Get the best offer and massive discount on kwfinder from here.

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