The essential steps to increase the affiliate marketing earning

What I know now is that it’s 100% possible to become an affiliate without selling out.That’s why many blogger are earning lot of money from the affiliate product alone.Not only that most of the blog only depend on the affiliate product and those have only 1 earning source affiliate earning.If you have a blog the you can promote the products you choose and items your readers are interested in.If they purchase you will earn.Simple enough right.But actually that not so simple.As no one like to purchase some thing if they found that useless or not suitable for them.Convince them or show them the importance of that product in there life is the big challenge.


In fact, your readers actually WANT to know the secrets to your success. If you blog about photography, your bloggers want to know the camera you use to take great pictures. If you blog about sewing, your bloggers will want to know where you find great patterns and fabric.


Affiliate marketing is a way to help your readers. You’re offering them the tools they need to follow your great advice and insight – sometimes even saving them some money in the process. You’re simply linking them to the reputable product. It’s like advising a friend.


Check your ROI

Checking ROI is the most important things if affiliate.As all product not sold properly.If any product is costly or not usable then no one will willing to buy that.At that case if you write whatever good points about that product it will go for waste.It will  drain your brain,energy,effort and money. So after check the roi you can come to know which one is working perfectly and you can move your efforts directions on that products category or on those products. Want to know if your list is big enough to support affiliate marketing? Sign up for one or two opportunities and test it for a month. If the amount you earn doesn’t hit your hourly rate, then adjust your strategy and go back to building your list.Even you are looking to pay some one to write content for your blog at that case it ROI will be more important.As your money will be drain if you are not research earlier about the product.So research and the return on investment check Is most important to get success.


Calculate your hourly rate by dividing your income by the number of hours you worked last month. This hourly rate is your marker for everything you do.  True confession time: my first few months of blogging I made next-to-nothing. I believe my first 3 months I earned about 10 cents an hour.As you gain experience you will earn more better then the hour based earning will be more better even can be reach to $50-$100 once you become expert on that.To become expert you might be need a good luck plus the 6-7 yrs of timing in that field.


That said, I use ROI to guide me in almost every blogging task. In those first few months, it was hard to determine but by calculating my hourly rate each month(that calculation is too easy just you need to divide the earning with the time of hour you have given to that or if you want to earn income roi then earning divide with 720 hours.720 hours come that way 24X30), I could quickly identify what tasks were paying off and what was a big old time-suck.


Take social media, for example. I don’t focus too much on social media because that social media sharing can be automated using some great tool available in the market like social pilot.When you calculate the roi better to calculate the avg for at least 12 month to get the perfect idea whats your actual roi.As in some month might be your sale will high and you are happy with high figure roi and next month zero then you will demotivated.We have to clear in mind that statistics and calculation works best on long time frame not small time frame.

Build Your List

The number one way to increase readers on your blog, grow your income, grow your business and basically rock at blogging is to focus on your list. The people on your email list are your blog visitors they know you better and if they trust then there is a huge chance to convinced them to purchase those. They’re subscribers who want your message.Email marketing here work like a medium to express your message to your email subscriber list.


We often focus on other metrics like page views, ad clicks,number of views, social signal,social media shares,number of followers and likes. This information is helpful for strategy and as a guideline, but really, it’s not nearly as important as your email list.They visitors from social media will might be not visit the blog again but the subscriber have more than 90% of chance to visit that again and again


Many bloggers earn money from facebook traffic. Some bloggers earn money on Twitter,pinterest, through linking parties and other methods. These are good ways to gain traffic and earn money. But in the end, when Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or even Google change their algorithms those followers, liker and sharers disappear instantly.Today of you have 10000 per day visitors on your post then tomorrow might be it will only 10 for another post.These traffic is vital but cannot be trust able enough.


increase affiliate earning steps


Focusing on your list protects you from all the stress and worry of relying on social media and outside sources to drive your traffic. Your list is your base. Even if it’s small, those are the people who want your message. They’re the people who will buy items you recommend. They know you.


This is also why you should get to know them. One of the best ways is to do what I call “dating your list.” Get to know your subscribers. Find out what they like. Give them freebies and good information they crave.


For most affiliate income programs, the goal is at least 2,000 subscribers on your list, but don’t stress about it. You can find affiliate opportunities much sooner if you feel your readers are ready.

Start with Small numbers

At first if you will think to make 10 sites and increase roi and earning based on that then you will making a huge mistake.Its not about quantity it all about quality.Reason given below.

See earning can only come from affiliate sale if there is real user visit your site not bot traffic.And the user from social media have a less trend to purchase something.So only search engine based visitors works best.To get visitors you need to write quality content by which user not only like to visit the site again even they will like to read some more article (which means increase in the page views) and if they like to spend more time to read the article completely then you will gain total time of visit in your site.These all parameters  1. time of returning 2.time they spend on blog or article 3.number of article viewed help you to get a good rank in the search engine.So content and more specific way interesting content is important enough to get your success.So try to keep the number of site less otherwise your effort to manage them will be too high and you will get not that much of earning.

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