Manage your social media post sharing using Social Pilot

From the social media experience all we come to know that social media can bring good amount of visitors to your site and help to increase earning if that properly managed and have enough number of followers.Whatever that is facebook,twitter even pinterest not a matter.All can generate a good amount of traffic to blog blog.But be sure the sharing content is noticeable or not.If not then make it noticeable.To make it require a good images and some content and obviously the link to your blog.But everytime share the links in social media is a difficult process only if you are not spend your maximum time in social media and you are work less.

With a single click if you want to share the content to the different social media then you should try for social pilot.That software or saas module help to share the content in various primary social media like facebook,twitters,pinterest,linkedin etc with single click and even you can set the timing for auto publish the content there.It allows your content to get shared among your network and beyond, giving your blog the exposure and traffic you are aiming for.Social pilot also available in chrome extension so from your browser you can easily share the content when ever it is required with a single click.But you have to set the required social media platform before sharing.The following steps are the way how to share the content there.

Setup account

After logging in to your SocialPilot account, the first thing you need to do is to connect your social profiles. To do this, click on “Connect Account” on the left panel under Social Accounts.There you can get different type of social media account which are saying to connect your social media profile.Some of them are popular and some not too much might be like vk(russian social media),xing,google my business(for small business mainly).Here you can add unlimited profile for each of the social media like 4-5 for different facebook account etc.That process have to do first time only from the next time you only need to share or schedule the post.

Schedule Post

After connecting the profile next work is schedule the post where it too easier for you as you can set the time for scheduling the share.But if you from any other country from us or you have most of the followers from other country rather then us then you have to change the default timing for sharing by changing the time zone.From the drop down you have to select the username of the account and then set the timing and days to manage the sharing time and date.

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To start adding posts into your schedule, click on “Create Post” on the left pane. You may then start composing your post and adding links. As you can see from the example below, I shared a link to an article that I want to appear in my Twitter profile. Note that my Twitter profile is checked on the right-hand side, while my LinkedIn account remains unchecked.


After doing the above steps you can specify the post sharing time by the following way.Under “Select Time”, you can specify a time to add to the posting schedule. You can then choose which days of the week you want the schedule to be running. Once done, click on the button that says “Add Time”. You may do this for other social profiles you may have connected.One that done you can choose the three option available there like add to queue,share now or share next.Among these the two add to queue and share now normally do the same work where you are interested to share instantly.But for scheduled post sharing you can choose the share next option.

Video post

Using that features you can easily share the video to the social media using social pilot.Video posting feature allows you to –  

Upload and schedule videos posts for multiple social media networks.

If the video size is bigger or if the network doesn’t support video uploads at all (Xing, Pinterest, Tumblr)..

The video is uploaded on SocialPilot’s servers, and a link to the video is shared in your post.


It mainly support 4 type of URL or Link Shorteners services. They are –Bitly,Google (, Sniply, and Rebrandly.Social media analytics accounts covered by SocialPilot are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin.From wordpress you can use RSS Feed automation feature to direct sharing.

Social pilot review

If you like to consider social pilot for your social sharing software then that will be a good move as it will help not only by saving time even help you out to professionally managed your social media.Facebook and twitter always insist us to share links and content to the followers each time and says “followers not heard from you a while.Please share some.” Social pilot will do the work for you or your employee to whom you like to assign for the sharing your content time to time to get connected with the followers.You might be also seen if you share some content time to time let say 3-4 times a day with different content from your blog then followers come to know you are active and based on that you have a huge chance to acquire some more followers from the same.More the share is bring more follower,more notice to the users,reduce the non follower,increase traffic to your blog,bring more money by ads,affiliate or selling products.

Though above image displayed different plan with $30 but the base plan start with $10 only.

Though social pilot is not a unique software in that segment there are plenty who give the similar service but not easier like that.Moreover the cost for that software is only $10 per month where other are charging in fact double of that and not too useful like that.Social pilot is also available in ios and android by which any time you can set or schedule post from your mobile only.Then why you are waiting for you can check the social pilot from here and grab the latest deal.

4 thoughts on “Manage your social media post sharing using Social Pilot

  • March 31, 2019 at 10:42 am

    Social pilot is a good tool if you are willing to manage lot of social media from one place.i have that and the above stated the true part of it.Its powerful enough and easy.I use for my 10-12 auto pilot blogs performance.Though its quite effective if you purchase the agency one.But for small team can effective also.

  • March 31, 2019 at 10:55 am

    Got a Social pilot last year though i purchase the basic one which cost only under $10.For me that’s enough as i have less site for which i have to manage the auto scheduling pot share option.Auto scheduling is good enough if you have enough number of followers. For me its more than 30,000 in fb page which i got from advertising.

  • March 31, 2019 at 11:00 am

    Thanks for tell me about the different type of tool which is really useful.I should go ahead for that tool and want to check if that work for me or not.Because earlier i have take some similar tool though that tool’s motive was different from the social pilot.

  • March 31, 2019 at 11:04 am

    For me social pilot is not too useful.But the article is well defined and give the best way to get the most from the social media using pilot.


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