10 unique Ideas to Ways To Promote YouTube Videos

Youtube video is the one of the most important video platform for bloggers and companies.Research says people like to see the video rather than read the text.Moreover youtube video can bring more engagement with the users.

If you already have a youtube channel then these information will help you to grow your channel side by side gather more views and subscriber.Promoting and advertising the youtube video is the one of the best way but here we will discuss about the other options which can bring some thing better output.

1.Video Title:

Like as blog post interesting video title can bring lot of users if that make sense and interested to the users.Try to give the best title with 1 keyword include along with make it more interesting to read.If you are creating video for any topics which specially tell about time then add the year.Like if topic is on the ‘some best social media’ or ‘earning from apps’ then try to add the latest date on the video.Every year you have to update the year value like 2019,2022,2025 etc.But if topic and video about is commonwealth games then never try to add date as no one interested what happened on 2000 commonwealth games.Also try to keep them short and to the point.In youtube the right hand side the more video options are showing from where the viewers click and check.But if there is long title then that become hide and user not get what is the actual topic of the video.Also try to use word like sensual,lonely,passionate etc or try to add some effective words like best,superb,awesome etc.But do not keep the title as capitalized.As user feels difficulties when the title come in capitalized way.

2.Video Image:

Earlier youtube only give option to choose thumbnail from the uploaded video only but now a days they accept thumbnail from external image.So you can take facility of that.The thumbnail u can keep more interesting and not a matter if it take snap from the video or not.

3.Use keywords or tags:

On uploading each video you can choose the tags for video.Try to choose some effective tag which will similar to the topics of the video.Better use the tool how to search video keyword which search most you can find the list of keywords by searching the keyword of topics using kwfinder tool kwfinder.com(thats the most effective tools and most trusted one), keywordtooldominator or keywordtool.io.

4. Use intro video clip or end video clip:

You can create a attractive intro clip and use in all of your video which give you a extra identity.You can create these either from sites like renderforest.com(most effective and popular tools),flixpress,evanto or hire some one from fiver and other freelancing websites.

5.Social media sharing:

When ever you will add a video you can promote these on social media by sharing the video link.Which will take 10 to 20 seconds of you to upload in each social media specially like facebook,twitter,instagram,pintest and linkedin.

But as social media followers from all around the world so most of the time once you will share the video link then it not able to reach to the all users.Approximately 10% of your all users can able to check that video who are online at the time of sharing.So to reach most of the users you have to share the same video link multiple times.Same way for other video also which become difficult and time consuming.So if you use a webtool socialpilot.co then it will do the all of the work in automatic way.

Most of the top level blogger and youtuber are using that tool.

6.Use youtube playlist

Playlist not only help your most of the video to show to the viewers even it also come in search result.If most of your content is good enough and you follow a niche then that playlist option will be too effective for you.

1.Give a meaningful name to the playlist & have a keyword in the title of that playlist.

3.Try to make a group with similar videos of yours or other along with your video into one playlist.

2.Add a detailed description of the playlist and put your keywords in there which help you to rank the video in youtube search .

4.If you want to promote your single video more better way then A single video can be listed in more than one playlist.Youtube allowed it.

7. Use Calls To Action

Call to actions are becoming a effective way to get more followers and subscription.At the end of the video, or even somewhere in middle, ask viewers to like & subscribe to your channel. At the same time, you can ask them to share the video with others who might benefit from it.

8.Use video description

Like tag the description give most impact to the search.If you write a content for 300 words at least with the keywords which you have selected then there a lot of chance for your video will get ranked easily.


  • Advertise your video in youtube

If you are a new youtuber or blogger then you are not known to other.So other will not like to watch your video.So better to advertise on youtube with some of your video which can give a good impact to the user.Do not choose the video which not effective enough and user not like to view in details.If they seen some of your video then a per as the cookie youtube will bring your other video to those users.Which can increase the your other video views.

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