Review of Convertkit is it a necessary tools or not?

Optimized optin form which can capture lot of email id is essential.That we come to know from earlier articles.But now we will know how can we use those email to increase sale of the own products or affiliate products.To get success with a blog or to increase earning from blog the best way is to sell some affiliate products or sell any online course by the blog owner.

The process of earning flows that way email ids -> send mail to them -> bring them on the selling pages of blog (product listing pages) -> convert them to buyer.But that have to keep in mind only 1-2% of all email ids(subscriber email id) can be converted only.Anything more that that ratio is only possible if the selling product is good enough(very much useful products) or you are lucky enough.So let say if the total number of email ids are 10000 then 200 visitors might be purchase in the end.Not more than that.But if that complete email list can be managed properly then you can reuse the same and increase revenue 2-3 fold more by sell different products.That’s the area where convertkit works better than other.

Some basic benefit of the convertkit are

  1. Customized optin form for your website
  2. Professional type email setting and design options
  3. Too easy and user friendly user panel
  4. A/B testing to find out which one works best
  5. Create dynamic email by merging tags
  6. Easy visual automation builder to send highly targeted email
  7. Help you to capture more email and maintain them easily
  8. Automate the process of sending email and manage the email for the list of subscriber
  9. Can be useful for business beside the blogger
  10. Update the list base on sell
  11. Price is low enough in front of its features
  12. Free migration options.

Even though there are more popular email marketing tools than ConvertKit like awber,mailchimp etc, I have noticed that mostly online businesses and marketers who have been using other email marketing tools for years switched to ConvertKit and they are happy enough.Even they like to suggest other for that.

Beside its main features some features make it more durable

  1. Subscriber tagging option:

With that the huge list of subscriber can be tagged as different group.Its work like group.As all subscriber interest is not similar so it help to categorize the different viewers in different group to drill-down on subscribers with similar interests so that you can send targeted messages to them and get results.

  • Increase mail deliver rate

That tool help to increase the delivery rate for emails.More email reach to inbox increase the chances for open the mail visit the page and convert more easily.On the other hand if delivery rate is lower or moving to spam then the huge chances people not open that which means your effort and money will goes to drain.

To whom the ConvertKit Is perfect and useful:

The converter kit can be more useful for these following people who are looking for selling their own product or any other product and want to earn the affiliate earning.

  • professional blogger.
  • Podcaster.
  • Youtube
  • Business owner
  • Digital product seller.
  • Want to create a group for donation
  • Those why looking for Email Marketing and start a campaign for that
  • Want to gain a huge list of subscriber using the landing pages
  • Want to  generate a email list and Sell Games to the email list
  • Book seller,Author of the book (Digital or Printable format)

In a short if you want to sell some thing online and your business totally depends on online you can try that email marketing tool.Why u are waiting for try covertkit now.

If you like to know the history of the convert kit you can understand why other like to take that as there email marketing platform.Nathan Barry created ConvertKit really out of his own need.  Back in 2012 he was selling info products (this is when I first met Nathan at a conference), and was able to make a full-time living at it…making $85k in just 4 month.So he got success with convert kit and decide to launch for the other users and blogger .However, in early 2013 Nathan wanted to get out of selling 1 time info products and build a business with recurring revenue.As we know email marketing works more perfectly and gain lot of leads and sales if that managed properly. Long story short, he decided to build ConvertKit that was an email marketing tool that was easy to use.It wasn’t an overnight success, but after about 3 years of struggle and a huge learning curve, ConvertKit was making about $125,000 a month in recurring revenue.ConvertKit is a pretty cool bootstrapped business story, but is it worth buying?

Automation allows you to send timely and targeted content or offer to your subscribers by simply creating automated funnels. I’ll show the options available for automation in ConvertKit.Behind ConvertKit sequences, you can use events, actions, and conditions as building blocks to successfully create your automation emails.

Go ahead and select the first entry point, click the (+) button on the side to enable you add more entry points.These follow “OR” logic, which means, if  “this form or this tag” is triggered, the events that will drive the automation will begin for that subscriber.That’s what automation rules let you achieve.

ConvertKit offers list-based plans, meaning that prices depend on the size of your subscriber list. The starting plan is for businesses with up to 1,000 subscribers. Advanced plans are available for high volume senders.And at any moment you can upgrade the plan when the subscriber increase to double or triple.So you will only take higher plan once your subscriber increase otherwise you can be with the lowest cost.They have not limit cap below the 50k subscriber.Limit cap only arrive if you have more subscriber with the rate or 15.Have Fewer than 50k Subscribers congrats you can able to send Unlimited Messages to your subscriber easily.

Email marketers with less than 50,000 subscribers can send unlimited messages. This is a great feature for marketers who send plenty of emails frequently to a small list of subscribers or they like to pitch the different products to their subscriber for selling. If you’re on a higher plan, however, an email limit is applicable.This limit is calculated by multiplying 15 and the plan’s subscriber limit. So, if your plan supports up to 50,000 subscribers, simply multiply that number by 15 and 750,000 will be your email limit.

The best way is to try the convertkit as free for 14 days and then if you think its perfect you can purchase it.You can send the unlimited email to your subscriber list with only $29 per month.Though they have bigger plan for more subscriber.But you have option to make the form customized and enjoy industry leading delivery of email and subscriber tagging option.Beside that there support team help you to setup your campaign.Get convertkit as free for 14 days now.

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