How to generate leads for your business

Normally every business can run if there proper leads generate each day.No leads no business. Leads can be come in different ways.Most of the top companies are hiring different company to generate leads basis on the amount invested on them.On the other hand some company sale leads which they generated using there web portal.But these 2 ways there is a problem.The leads are mostly distributed thatswhy the chances to mature the leads are less.So here we will discussed about the different type of leads generation technique which can help to grow your business.

Though we will discussed here some traditional way of leads generation technique yet some of them are simply new and depends on the new technology and tools available on market.Let start.

Cold calling

For a long time that was a perfect lead generation technique but that only works If user interested to purchase anything or on your services.But disturbing a person by cold calling is illegal.So cold calling is only works now a days if there is a lead and want to mature that.

Spread the Business cards

From last 20 years that also works great if you hire a person and spread the business cards to the company to company.Some time when people looking for such services or product then they will call u back.You got a leads.But that not work for last 10 years too well.As people like to throw those card in the dustbin rather than keep with them in a card holder.Even if thy keep those on the card holder they forget to find and call u back when they looking for that service or product.

know how to rank in google search by choosing some perfect long trail keywords.


Website is definitely the best way to generate leads as that work like a funnel.Try to bring lot of visitors using the different method like social sharing,seo,business cards,whats app,paid advertisement etc and once they come to website then they either left there contact details with form or by the chat you can convert those visit in leads.But we have to be sure the website is one of the business tool which can help to convert visit to leads but to generate visit we have to depend on some other source.

Search Engine Optimization

Internet users are mostly interested to use the search engine for there query.For any thing we are simple depends on the search engine like google,bing,yahoo a lot.If the website start to rank in first page (more better way top 3 rank) then there is a huge change for those user to click the link

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