Ways to sell more in amazon and promote amazon listings

Amazon is a big marketplace and top most marketplace for digital and physical products in the world.If ranked well in amazon then lot of sale can be possible for any seller for any product (only if the cost of the product is not too high).

But out of million sellers on amazon its really difficult to rank your product and make the products offer lucrative enough.Here in that segment we will discussed the different ways to increase sale in amazon.Though that not related to affiliate as that a direct sales yet some of the point is effective for any affiliate marketers also.

Optimized your listing with seo

Seo is one of the effective way to bring traffic and then sale to a website.70% of people in the world are using google search so buyers are mostly come from  search engine.But to rank the amazon page in google or other search engine you have to find some nice keywords which are long trail one and then you can able to rank easily with some low competitive keywords.Once you will get the list of keywords then you can use those in the headings,description and images name of the listing to get ranked on those long trail keywords.

Buy sponsored ads  

Try to get listed with some amazon sponsored ads which can help your product to rank in some category or keywords(here keyword means product name or sub category name).Mostly these are come in first page 2-3 rank and look like other products in that category.To get that the product seller have to pay advertising fees to amazon marketplace.But that a good way if you looking for some more sales or want to noticed by buyer.The benefit of that sellers only have to pay if some one click on that link otherwise not that way you can save lot of money rather than paying only for the listing.

Check Competitors well

In amazon success only come if you bit the competitors in that marketplace.As a new product it have very less chance to rank well even some one willing to buy.But if you can make the images,headlines,description,specification like the top level products(popular brand) in the same zone then there is a high chance to convinced the customer and attract them to your products.But for price be sure it should be include some offer.Giving best offer based on mrp is not a good idea.Try to keep the cost low from the other branded product in the same category and section.

Launch a lightening Deal

Now a days amazon start a section where they place all lightening deal for some products in some segments.These deal price is works well.People attacked to the deal price and try to check the products which they want most.If the product price is less in that deal then lot of products can be sold within 12 hours.More product sell means lot of ratings an reviews and if you get some good ratings then chances to rank high in search result of amazon.

There are some limitation in the lightening deal section

  1. Lightening deal can run from 4 hours to 12 hours in max.
  2. Lightning deals can be run only 1 in each week.Not more than 1 time is possible to run.
  3. As chances for sale in the lightening deals are high so amazon only allowed those products which are available in large quantity.So please check the requirement for the quantity to take place in lightening deals in amazon.
  4. Deal price cannot be increase when the lightning deal will running.So be sure the price what you set is should not bring loss.

Promotion to boost amazon sales

There are some different kind of promotion available for sellers to boost the amazon sales.These boost is done with the external sale or reference sale.It

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