ways of youtube shorts monetization

First off, YouTube is making it easier for Shorts creators to join its Partner Program.
So far, creators had to have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours over the past 12 months in order to apply and start getting a share of ad revenue on their content.

Now, YouTube is adding an alternative path. You still need 1,000 subscribers. But instead of accumulating 4,000 watch hours over 12 months, you can also apply if you have 10 million public Shorts views over a period of 90 days.

Then, there’s the big one. YouTube is introducing revenue sharing for Shorts. This will allow creators to earn a regular income from short-form content on the platform, rather than having to speculate on Shorts Fund payouts.

In the Shorts Feed, ads play between clips. Going forward, creators will get a cut of the revenue on these ads.

According to YouTube, all ad revenue from Shorts will be added together on a monthly basis. This sum will then be used to cover music licensing costs and to pay YouTubers. Creators will see payouts proportional to their share of total Shorts views. This share stays the same, no matter if they use music in their clips or not.

Short Vs Long video youtube

Short video have more demand in youtube over long videos as that is short time frame.People interested to check the short video most of the time than long video which take approximately 20 minutes of time.

Youtube shorts Monetization

For a long time, making money with YouTube Shorts was a tricky task. They’re nothing like long-form videos, which you can monetize in four steps:

Join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).
Post lengthy videos.
Turn on monetization for the videos.
Collect advertising revenue.

Which begs the question: How does one make money as a Shorts creator?

It’s all coming together slowly, but there are a few ways to profit from YouTube Shorts. Let’s dive in.

Finally, one major change in YouTube shorts monetization policy going into 2023 is Creator Music. This goes for both short- and long-form content.

So far, creators haven’t been able to monetize content that included licensed tracks. Later this year, YouTube will be rolling out Creator Music, a feature in YouTube Studio to give users access to a catalog of tracks to use in long-form content. And still make money from it.

According to the latest information, creators will be able to purchase an affordable license to use certain tracks. Or they’ll be able to opt for a revenue sharing model, in which the musical artist gets part of their videos’ earnings.

1.Earning from affiliates income

Affiliate earning is a unique earning process which not required a huge traffic,Even some targeted traffic can earn a high level or earning daily based.As we already discussed in other post how a small site with limited targeted traffic can generated a high level of affiliate earning. Youtube shorts can able to bring lot of traffic as these video length are small and people interested to complete the video.So in there free time most of the people check 3-4 short video daily.So there is a huge potential for these short videos.

2. Earning from Advertising Revenue from YouTube Shorts

Earning from advertising revenue like the normal videos are not available currently. But that a huge chances shortly these features will be available soon and creator have an opportunity to earn a good income from shorts shortly. Couple of years ago(nearly 17 years ago) youtube acquire by google with a hefty sum of $1.65 billion. From them google try to bring the monetization way to encourage video creators bring various kind of video in youtube. Now it come with short video though that might be a time taking process to make that segment more popular i think but there need atleast some time let say 5 years to make that a full As of writing, YouTube Shorts aren’t part of the formal monetization program known as the YPP. Unless you’re posting long-form videos and achieving the right milestones — 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours — joining the YPP as a Shorts creator is tough. There’s also no way to collect advertising revenue from short, vertical content.

But YouTube is changing those rules. Starting February 1, 2023, the platform will open up revenue sharing for Shorts ads. That means you can finally make money from the ads people view on the Shorts Feed. YouTube states that “from the overall amount allocated to creators, they will keep 45% of the revenue, distributed based on their share of total Shorts views.”

Best of all, both new and existing creators in the YPP can reap this benefit next year. But what if you’re not in the YPP yet? Luckily, YouTube just expanded access to the program to include Shorts creators. Now you can meet either of these requirements to apply for the YPP:

Get 1,000 YouTube subscribers plus 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months.
Get 1,000 YouTube subscribers plus 10 million public YouTube Shorts views within 90 days.

I agree its read difficult to meet the requirement for a new video creators but once that got a flow and start sharing it will be so easier.

3. YouTube Shorts Fund (Leaving Soon)

As youtube not started the monetization policy for short videos as long videos till now so they bring a different way to earn from the youtube short. Its very much clear the youtube content creator will more interested in making a traditional long time video but they will not keep any importance too that. So number of youtube shorts will be less. To protect that circumstances youtube have started too fund the content creator for the short video. That’s simply a encouraging method to make more short videos in future. Want to make money from YouTube Shorts right now? One way to do that is through the $100 million Shorts Fund. This is something YouTube announced in 2021, and the platform has promised to reward creators with a monthly “bonus” coming directly from that fund. The bonuses range from $100 to $10,000, but the exact amount depends on your Shorts performance in the previous month.That might be stop very soon as that was a bonus way for encouragement creators. As soon as they have lot of videos and high level of growing rate for short videos in youtube might be that will be vanished.

4. Brand Deals and Sponsorships

Like any other social media in you tube short have also a huge potential to bring lot of sponsorship or deals video. Lot of brand are interested to take benefit of short video by promote their brand or product to increase sale. OK, so getting a YouTube Shorts bonus isn’t the easiest thing to pull off. Thousands of creators compete for the monthly reward, and most of them have Shorts with millions of views.

But guess what? You don’t have to join that race. There are other ways to monetize YouTube Shorts, and one of those golden opportunities is through brand sponsorships.

When a brand sponsors you, they’re paying you to advertise a product or service in one of your videos.

So from the above we come to know the various ways to do the youtube shorts monetization. Beside that we also know which are the policy was earlier and what have change now. What process we have to follow to get a decent earning from youtube another zone which called as short video.

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