Easy way of making money at home

The easy way of making money at home only if that a passive income or auto pilot project.  If you are a new starter then i obviously say u that blog is not a easier way to earn. Even earning from the advertisement and affiliates only come once there is high level of traffic.

The easy way of making money at home

With a small traffic nothing you can earn. To gain that kind of high level of  traffic it take lot of time. So obviously that not a easy job. But if you have already any site or blog and you are receiving good amount of traffic then that is always a most easier way to making  money from home. Even you can earn when you will sleep. Its simply a passive income but always have a great opportunity to increase your earning by doing different kind of experiments time to time. If you are simply new in that section then you must try how to start and make money. Another way for making money is e-commerce means sales something. If you are a business owner or new to that then source the product sale online and earn a big.For all of that engaging with the audience is the most important steps.

Your true audience, the readers who fit your avatar, who believe in your message, who “get you,” are the ones you want to reach. Those are your people. They will keep coming back to you over and over again. They want to read what you write because it resonates with them.

How to connect with audience:

Making a blog and writing post is not enough to engage with your audience. It need proper interaction with them. Engage them to your content, offering, problem solving, reply in comments, sending newsletter time to time etc.

Engaging with sending newsletter

You need to build your email list.Build list from the audience? Might be a better approach but visitors are not interested to leave their email here and their to save themselves from the attack of email spamming. So for a new blog no one will interested to share their email but for a old blog which have a good brand value for that might be they will like to share there mail. Offering something always a good way to gain email list like free ebooks, free reports, free other digital stuff or physical product. Once we have an ol blog where we give offer to user to enroll their email id to get a digital camera. We also keep limited time to run that offer. People like to add there email id to take participate in the contest to winning the t-shirt. The email list might be look like a spam if that not verified. So verification of the email id is essential to avoid list of junk email. I agree Always it not possible but if can be done then that will be really good.

If you are serious about the earning more and looking for other stream to earn then fill the form to start earning from social media jobs.

Email capture form is good idea where you can take email based on a e-book which you write or anything else.That might be a good concept for making a better list making process for a new blog which is approximately 1 to 3 yrs old or more than that. The most interesting part is that it does not matter when you received those email. But once you received a list of email then you can send them newsletter every month. It some time difficult to manage but sometime very easy by mass mailing software like mail chimp or aweber. If required you can make different list for different type of emails.

As an example if you are selling something then you can make the email list for the buyers. Even the email list based on the wishlist (web visitors who have not purchased now and willing to purchased later or add the product and abandon the cart) can be useful and generate affiliate or product sale if those can be properly maintained and every month newsletter are sending to them. Newsletter must contain some offers for affiliates, some of your new blog post and if you are selling products (digital or physical) then the popular product list. The conversion rate for that is approximately 2%. So if we will do the back calculation to get the exact number of emails required in email list to get success in affiliate sales then that will be 1200. How we get that? The calculation is 2-7% is the success rate for target mail to sales ratio. If we take that 4% and the conversion rate for mail opening rate is 5% which means. To get 1 sale in affiliates required 30 visitors in your blog who come from newsletter (if we take avg conversion ratio for web traffic to sale ).You might be check that little bit higher from the default rate which is in general 1%. These are targeted traffic who only click on the link once they interested with the offer you are giving to them for your affiliate products. Now click of then the total number of visitors required for that

Engaging with offer

Offer are another best way to engaging the user. If you are selling affiliate products then try to give the best offer available in the market by which once a visitor make his mind to purchase then they can purchased that immediately. A good offer not only increase sales even it can increase chanced to rank high for a keywords. You might be unaware about that people who purchased a product with offer from your web site might be like to share the same their friends and followers. Yes i mean to say sharing in social media. Once they will do with their list of followers the more traffic you will get not only that it will help to purchase more. That once happens with me. I posted a best offer for an affiliates and user share that. On those days i got more than 1000 traffic from stumbleupon.com. Some one like the post and share with his followers and that person have a huge following lists.

Properly Reply the comments

Reply on the comments who are asking is also increase inter action between you and your blog readers. I know always that not possible. Yet if you can do that then that best. They got their answer and they also like to come again in your website or blog to read the other post.Not only that till then you not give the reply they will come and try to find the answer from your website. But be sure you are not replying to any spam comments.


This is where the list comes in. See, your audience isn’t made up of the people who stumble across your blog accidentally. If you focus on driving traffic and readers to your blog, you’ll constantly chase page views.In first couple of target it does not matter which process you are taking to bring visitors too your site.It might be social sharing, social bookmarking,guest post etc.Later viewers referring  from the social media or web2.0 site will bring more value to increase search traffic along with regular traffic.But if your content is not meaningful or interesting then might be users will never like to see your blog again.Basically, you’ll be working a lot harder than you need to. You’ll attempt to drive your target audience to your blog without knowing if you’re really reaching “your people.” Chasing page views is an uphill battle and it’s exhausting.

Your list, on the other hand, is targeted. Your list consists of readers who’ve “opted in.” They’re fans! They’re ready for more dates. They want to see you again and again!

Building your targeted list is the single most important way you’ll grow your blog!

I know, building your list sounds a little intimidating. I used to get intimidated by it too. I felt like if I put a blog post out into the universe, the right audience would simply find it. Email seemed aggressive or maybe a little invasive.

But then I took a step back…

If you’ve been dating your list, then you’ve built up an audience who knows you like a friend. They WANT your emails! They want to read what you’re up to and look forward to it. Focusing on your email list is the best way to build your blog. You’ll see real, exciting progress if you do this ONE thing.

So, if you’re ready to get started, I’ll walk you through the process. It won’t take long to implement but once you do, you’ll know exactly how to connect with your audience. You’ll build your list of loyal readers who look forward to your email and newsletters.

If you have a targeted audience then their is a huge chance that 5% of your visitors will be converted to customer by left the email by email op-tin form.So you get more targeted customer email which  obviously help you and increase sale for you.Generally 40-50% of our income comes from our email list. When we launch a product or sell an affiliate, upto 50% of the sales come from our email list and 50% come from posts and other. Though the complete sale volume is less enough.Which makes perfect sense, because your email list has had a chance to build up a relationship with you and trusts you.In future also you have a option to sell other product to these email ids.But again I will say not send too much email as that process is not overnight.If you send too much email or regular basis then no one will give importance to that domain and your blog even you might be miss some valuable reader for your blog.If you’ve created a perfect email list, you’ll know exactly what you need to do.


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