Improve website conversion rate for ecommerce

Conversion is all about related to sales or signup (which also further related to sales). Businesses are investing billions of dollars in the digital marketing and affiliated marketing. But for all of them need to track the website conversion rate or ratio or the sales using the channel to find out exactly which sales channel working best and which one not.  Conversion ration also says you basically how much money need to invest and will that business be in profit or in loss. The product which have a higher value of conversion ratio is need to promote more to gain more profit and which one have least conversion ratio need to either change or need to stop spending more money on that.

Website conversion rate

These are the following way to improve the sales conversion rate through website.


This gives you an idea of how many visitors are buying your product out of the total number of visitors that visit you site. The sales conversion rate = number who bought / total number of visitors x 100 So if you have about 10000 visitors in the month and out of that , 350 bought your product, your conversion rate is 350 / 10000 x 100 = 3.5% This means that for every 200 visitor that land at your site 7 will buy your product.

How to improve the sales conversion rate.

Make navigation through your site to your order page so simple a ten year old can find it. Make bold call to action. Example, BUY NOW, or ORDER HERE. Put it near the top, at the middle and near the bottom of you sales page.
If you offer free shipping indicate this at your home page and prominently on your sales page. Research has shown that free shipping is the second most important consideration for buyers apart from price.
Your web page should load fast. Imagine a potential customer clicking to your order page with the intention to buy only to be frustrated by a slow loading page. The importance of fast loading pages cannot be over-emphasized. Some of the ways to reduce loading time are:

Reduce the number of graphics on your page. Apart from the number, you can also reduce the size of the graphics. There are a number of software you can use to reduce the size of your graphics. Always specify the dimensions of your graphics in your html coding. In your IMG tag be sure to specify the width and height of your graphics. This makes it easy for the web browser to load the page because it doesn’t have to figure out the dimensions of the graphics.

Experiment with different colors on your pages. Measure and track the result of any little change you make. It has been reported that change in the color of a page layout increased conversion rate. Do not use Pop-ups for displaying your vital information. For example, your shipping rates. Though Pop-ups can be effective in drawing attention to vital information, it is not worth taking the chance. With all the free Popup blockers offered by most toolbars and software companies it will be counter productive to display your vital information in a Popup only to have it blocked. Displaying information in Pop-ups could seriously reduce your conversion rate. Instead use banners that will display a strong call to action.

Include a progress indicator on each page to your order page so that your customer knows at what stage he is. You can number the pages or steps and clearly describe each step so that the customer can easily move back and forth through your pages.
Make it automatic so that when the shipping info is same as the billing info, the customer doesn’t have to fill the same information twice.Because of credit card concerns, not all customers will want to order using credit cards. Offer other forms of payment, check, fax, phone etc. Display critical information at the check out page. Information like warranties, guarantees, shipping costs, testimonials, return policies, after sales service, support service etc
Develop a system whereby if a visitor abandons the checkout process for whatever reason after providing an email address, your system immediately emails the visitor offering an incentive to tell why the process was not completed.

This happened to me. I abandoned purchase when the order page could not load. due to my unsteady internet connection. I promptly received an email from the company. I later went back to the site to purchase the item.
If you are selling tangible product use high quality pictures. Since the visitor cannot touch or smell the product, it is essential to provide a top quality picture that will look like the physical product. Include the number of days the customer will have to wait for the order. If possible provide tracking of the order. All these help to make the customer comfortable and close the sale.


This rate shows you how many of your visitors (in percentage) are downloading your software whatever you have presented for download. The best can be seen from the google analytics for that you have to setup the google analytics for your website. For that you have to go for google analytics signing page. After making an account you have to add the website in the analytics and need to add the tracking code in your website or blog. If all the things added properly then after a day or two you can see your website visitors and there details like demographics, area of visit, keywords etc. Now in the user behavior section you can see in which page they have clicked and how many of  them are going to other related links. Now in analytics if you have set goal then from that goal page you can see how many of them have clicked the page and how many of your goal fulfilled. The conversation rate normally obtained by dividing the number of downloads by the number of visitors to your download page. Example , you had 4000 visitors to your download page for the month and 300 downloaded your software your conversion rate is 300 / 4000 x 100 = 7.5% you will need to install a script at your site to monitor the download.
How to improve your download conversion rate Write a compelling copy emphasizing the benefits to your visitors of whatever you are offering for download. Then make a bold call to action.example, Download Now or Start Download.
Download should start with the first or second click. That is do not make the download page more than two clicks away from the introductory page.Make it clear to the visitor that it is a free, trial or demo download. You could list the features and benefits of the download in a Popup window. That is the popup is activated when a link is clicked and not by itself. Put your download button at the top of your page with the main menu.If you will searching for that topic and like that article then Also Check other way to improve the conversion.

Alternatively, you can put it at the left hand side navigation links If it is a free report in PDF make the download start when the download link is clicked. It is some times frustrating when PDF download opens up in the browser.


This is simply calculated by dividing the number of subscriptions (subscribers) by the total number of visitors for


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