Get Google to Index Your Website in Just 7 Days

For a new site it very difficult to index a site in 1-3 day if some one is saying then either he/she never tried or its just a observation.Yes its not possible.As google spider not visit the all sites daily.As daily basis internet users are increasing the same way daily 1000 of new sites are registering.Google spider never search any site daily and its not possible as spider is a programming tool yet for a brand new site it take some time.Normal crawl ling time for google spider is approximately 30 days yet if you follow the following method then it can indexed more faster than normally do.Even it can be indexed in 5-7 days.Once indexing properly then ranking will come.For a old site a new post can be indexed in 2-3 days even if that site is not so popular and that have not so much post available.Furthermore always keep in mind content is king so good interesting content means lot of users and then a huge chance to rank more faster and better.Reason when spider try to check the site or page it should have get the valuable content by which it will suggest that site as a better one and that way rank more better.Hope you have make a nice blog and then start the write content if you not check how to find the effective keyword for your writeup which can be rank easily and can generate lot of traffic then read that post.

What are Google bots, crawling, indexing?

Google bots
Google bots or Google spiders are basically software programs and their job is to find new websites all over the internet and submit them to add to Google database.Its completely a automated system which just find the links and read the html code to find its important value.Even it check the do follow and no follow from the links.

From the name it too clear the crawling is just crawl to reach more.So when ever a new site publish in world wide web then google bots start to crawl and stack themself for indexing process.It is the process of finding new web pages by Google bots. These bots use special algorithms to discover new pages to be added to Google database. Crawling process usually starts with the URL links found on a website and digging deeper.How often does Google crawl web pages depends upon a number of factors including activity on your blog, how often you post content and quality of content.

Search engines Indexing is the process of scanning the crawled data further to check what is this page about? The key factors they look for is placement of keywords, title tags and ALT attributes. The information is then added to database also called as Google Index to serve to the world.

The ways to faster indexing your website

1.Submit website to ping services
2.Submit posts to bookmarking sites
3.Submit website to online directories and forums
4.Submit site pages to Google webmaster tool for first indexing
5.Write 1 awesome posts with 1000 words

6.check your site have follow the proper on page seo
7.Create a backlinks from wordpress blog and blogger
8.Create a backlinks from youtube
9.Ping your site using pingler or other tool
Here are some FREE ping tools that you can use:
10.Build Internal Links

11.Build Deep Links
Create web pages and build backlinks to each individual post. Don’t just build backlinks to your homepage as search engines look for variety. Having deep links is an indication to your website’s overall quality content, thus scoring as a high domain authority. Domain authority is one important factor in ranking websites by the search engines.
Here are some powerful ways to build deep links to your blog posts:
Build web pages – use web 2.0 sites such as Tumblr or Hubpages. These high domain authority sites can help push up your rankings in the search engines because they enable you to use highly targeted anchor text and generate referral traffic. But the most effective web page building comes after creating quality and original content.

13.Add links to your social media profiles
Add links of the post to social media spcially facebook,twitter,google plus and pinterest.Though facebook is the most popular social media in us with approximately 40% users of all social media alone.

14.Add links to forum signatures
Forum signature in the another best way to faster indexing but you have to keep in mind these forum should be a old and popular one and if you create a post based on niche then better to add that in niche forum.

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