google search console indexing and inspect url

If you are starting a new blog or website then you might be experienced even after 6 months that site is not listed in google search. Why that happens? Its a  lack of  google search console indexing. The most common reason is that the website is not crawled, not indexed. So it not in the google search. On the other hand if the site is old and earlier it was ranked but now that not ranked then the reason might be different as google search has make your website blocked or you are effected with new search update pandas.

Here if we consider the website is new but still it not placed in search then most common reason is website is simply new to google eyes and backlinks are very less so it not detect by google. In that case even if you write too many good article yet it has very less chance to indexed. If you are facing the same issue then open the google search console. Login with your email id and then add that website for that you have to click on add property in the left side drop down menu. Then follow the process to listed your website. It might take a day or two for updating. Once the updation is completed then again you have to login and landed to dashboard. Click on url inspection or performance from left side menu. You can also notice that there is a bar which saying  inspect any url. Now put your new  article in that link. Once you entered the link it will ask you some time to say the status of the current url is that indexed or not. If that indexed then try for another new url but if that not indexed then try for next one. The link is in google index or not that can be found from status. If that says url on google means its indexed. If the link says url not in google means it not indexed.

google search console indexing

In case of not indexed then click  on request indexing to make it indexed. It will take 2-3 minutes only to process. Once that done it will say request for indexing done. There is some limit to do the process. You cannot add more than 10-12 url indexing request in one day. If you targeting to uploading lot of links then  you have to try for next 2-3 days(depends upon how many links you have). Once u will check in next 7-8 days the same links which you have already added it will says you url is on google. Be sure if a link is already in google then do not try to add that again unless the page or url is not changed(due to any reason).

For example, let’s assume you have a forum, and someone asks a question. Even though there might be many valuable replies in the future, at the time of crawling, there were none so Google may classify the page as low-quality content. As a website owner, you should ensure your page provides high-quality content. Check if it’s likely to satisfy your users’ intent and add good quality content if needed. Google offers a list of questions to help you determine the value of your content: If you request for indexing a page and that website,ecommerce, forum, or blog have no content or copied content then there will be problem. You are sending request to indexing the page but that have very less content it means you are showing to goolgle spider about your websites weak area.

The same thing is applicable for e-commerce website also. If your e-commerce website is new then you can login and add the website and then submit the sitemap.If the Internal linking of the website are done in proper way then most of the page will be crawled. If not for a long time and even after submitting your sitemap then you have to follow the same way to add the links which are not in google or new.But be sure do not do the same process again and again.

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