Some best Blogging or article writing software

We most of us write in wordpress or directly in website when we decide to write a post in our blog. I meet lot of people who says they like to write on the blogging platform directly reason it save the time.Otherwise they have to write in first in ms word or any other software and then paste and properly place the images there which take double time.So they like to write directly in wordpress blogger or in there blog website as now a days these blogging platform or content management systems are too smart to handle the most of the things like calculate the number of words,grammar or spelling check,place images,formatting there content to look pleasant to eyes etc.But is that the right way to do the proper writing work.Definitely not.There are various reason behind it why we should not write that way.
1)Lot of time it happens that we write lot of the content but at the time of save it fails and we loose out 2 hrs time which we devoted for research and writing the content.
2)The second point is if ever our website crashed we will loose all the post what we write there(in case you have not take backup).
3)If we write content by spending couple of hours in cms or blogs it might happens that you are consuming lot of bandwidth which are not good for the visitors of your as they might able to see loading sign when they try to visit your blog.That’s mostly happens when you have not take any dedicated server for your blogs instead you using the shared hosting.
4)You will never have any backup of your writing.For some people who want to established themselves as a content writer for them might be it will be a difficult job as you do not have any backup for the researched topics on which you are like to write.

To resolve the above issue the proper way is write a content in your system using any of the writing software and then you can copy paste to your cms or wordpress and format them properly with images and other things.

Blogging involves a lot of writing. And to keep you focused and write in a continuous flow, you would need access to a capable software to complete the writing works. Mostly of us using windows or mac and some are using Linux.So below we placed the different best blog writing software tools for your needs for various operating system.It would indeed be convenient enough to work with an online or offline blog writing software while you are creating content for your website or blog.As we know a heavy weight software can consume lot of time which might drop the interest of writing specially for those who are not professional in writing. We will focus on the best blog writing tools and software you can check for an excellent experience.Please note that the tools we have covered in this compilation would not make you an expert writer or teach you the writing skills par excellence. Unless you have the ability to write effectively, no one of the Blog writing software options would be helpful in bringing up the talent in you.They can only able to help only to write properly but the expertise,talent and interest always hidden inside you.If you like to express these then only you can write a perfect write ups otherwise not.Moreover the writing is always a way to practice.Here top 10 blog writing software are listed below.

1) Google Docs

Google Docs is a part of an office suite of Google applications. Just like Microsoft office, it lets you work with your content through a word processor and give you platform to write content.The significant difference between Google Docs and Microsoft Office lies in the fact that it is free and available online.But it not so perfect like microsoft word in compare to various features and user friendly wise.

Now that every one of us has been using Microsoft Word, it should not be difficult to get used to working with Google Docs. It offers you almost the similar experience and functionality like that on Microsoft Word. Even the formatting and user interface remains practically identical.

Of course, the functionality would be a little stripped down when compared to Microsoft Word or any other resident text editor tools we have or will discussing in this compilation.

2) Scrivener

Primarily designed as a project management tool, Scrivener can indeed double up as the best blog writing software for all your needs. Specifically designed for the novelists and journalists for their need in long-form content, it has become one of the best tools for bloggers as well.

The concept of virtual index cards should be one of the unique concepts envisaged by Scrivener. This concept would make it an excellent choice for developing an efficient workflow. Organize your content the way you would want it to take shape into and make the right kind of editing into your documents.

3) iA Writer

The tool is available for both Windows and Mac platforms. In fact, it would offer you a simple and fuss-free functionality and a cleaner writing ability. No need to worry about those keyboard shortcuts and other features. Keep writing without any need for getting distracted.

Focus on your words and not on the other distractions around you. If you are into the long form writing, this can be your right choice of tool. In fact, the tool offers you a set of templates and should ideally suit any style of writing.

Opt for the calm and focused writing space. Just find everything else fading away except for the line or paragraph that you are working with. It comes with multiple modes including Markdown, focus mode, typewriter mode, night mode, and full-screen mode.

4) Evernote

What help would it provide for bloggers, when it is a mere note-taking app. Well, the search functionality should be the feature that makes it a great choice. In fact, you can create a host of notebooks and search through them for all your requirements. An excellent option that makes it a great choice is it is entirely free for use. Of course, you can upgrade to the paid plan if you are looking for advanced features.
Needless to say, the app is completely cross-platform and is available across Windows, Mac, Mobile and web portal.So mac and windows user can able to use that easily.

5) FocusWriter

If you like to be focused at the time of writing then that software is perfect for you as from the name itself you can understand it distracts less.With a very minimal options and features that software help to write more quicker.As the name itself should be an indication, FocusWriter is essentially a tool that aids you to focus on your writing. The application is completely basic and lightweight in appearance and functionality.

6) WhiteSmoke

If you are a non-native English speaker, WhiteSmoke should be your prime choice. A word processor and grammar checker combined into one, the tool not only finds the grammatical errors in your write-ups but will also come up with suggestions to improve style, tone and other aspects of writing.

We have already covered Grammarly. While Grammarly is the best option for those who are good at English, WhiteSmoke can be a good option for those who have issues with the casual usage of the language. It can be used as a useful writing tool, but its efficiency would be enhanced if you are using the tool for proofreading and grammar check functions of your write-ups.

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