How to know who is using your wifi

Wifi is a most popular and most easy way to connect with the internet.Earlier lot of other ways was used like connecting with the Bluetooth or data cable.Though these are not too much effective enough as these are limited for a cable or a mobile to use that.Though bluetooth connection is work similar way like wifi ,where less hassle you can access the internet yet that is slow enough in case of internet speed. So wifi stated to accessed more and more.Wifi can be connect with the wifi device, router,switch or modem and even using the mobile,tablet.But is it secure.The answer is not 100%.Though we add a password to our wifi to prevent access from other non permitted device yet iit can be hacked or use by other.That topics just describe here how to know who are using your wifi or connected to your wifi network.

Problem for wifi unauthorized use:

Suppose you have taken a broadband or mobile connection and try to add some of your devices.In office place it can be access by employee.Now if any other unauthorized person will start access your wifi then your high speed limit will be going to end.Speed will be distributed more and more so less speed.Beside that More data will be consumed which definitely not good for connection like limited data or speed base unlimited plan.In speed based unlimited plan might be you are thinking it will be not too unproblematic but yes its give u a problem as most time internet service provider company provide speed of wifi based on the uses.Example upto 20 gb with 1 gb speed and after 20 gb it will bring bank speed to 512 mbps and then after 100 gb it will be in kbps. When it reach to the kbps it very difficult to use internet.To open a google search it can take approximately 10-20 seconds which will be very annoying.Beside that there is another that any unauthorized person can hack and use your wifi and can use in any wrong work like threatening mail,hacking,unsocial activity etc.Where ur ip can be used and these will bring a problem for you.So from the above circumstances we come to know wifi need to protect and secure more and even need to check properly time to time who are using that.

The following are described process to know How to check who is using your wifi Network .Wifi is one of the most essential part of our life now a days as without internet spending a day is too difficult and we become addicted to internet. The best part about wifi is that we can connect many smartphones or laptop even desktop on one internet connection which reduces the internet Data charges cost by a great margin and also we get high speed compared to 2G/3G internet .That facility was not available for broadband single connection which were used before 2000. Even if you hold a broadband connection you can add that to your router/switch or modem (mostly use modem and then switch for distributing) and then it can help to access internet to other computers and handheld devices. But with many advantages wifi has a big disadvantage also that if someone gets your Password they can easily connect to your

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