5 addon steps to website ranking easily

Writing blog not enough to get traffic. Its just a content to engage users.There are lot of other steps we have to take to get a new website (which is approximately 3-6 months old) to get ranked.

Ways to website ranking

Here we will discussed about the various ways to website ranking these are important. Might be for some i have already write some post but in 2023 these are still important.These are as follows.

1) Human Testing

So now you have your site, it’s optimized and you have your navigation in place. The next step is to put it past someone who has never seen your site (and preferably who won’t know how much work you’ve put in and tell you it’s great even if it’s not).
Ask them to find specific information and see how long it takes. Ask someone else to just surf your site and watch which links they click and ask them why they chose those ones.
Most importantly, find out how the content reads to them. You’ve spent hours working through the content at this point and are probably not the least biased on its readers. Find out how it reads to someone who has no invested interest in the site and correct any issues they may bring up.

2) Submission

If your site is new then you simple forget about the earning. You have rarely have any chance to get visitors. Traffic will be 100 per month after 3 to 4 month will be a best score of achievements. Submit to  I take a different philosophy than most when it cones to search engine submissions. I submit to directories (both general and topic-specific) and to a few topical search engines but for the most part I’ve found submitting to Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other major engines has proven to be a bit of a waste of time.

The major search engines are based on auto detection algorithm which is called spider.These type of search engines which means they will follow links to wherever they go. But for that your site should be in the eyes of spider first then you can expect that spider can view the other pages. As most of us only depends  on the google search engine so first simply target the google webmaster tool first.  Simply having sites that are seared by the major search engines linking to you will get your site found. Adding the site in search engine not instantly get result. It will take approximately 45 days to come in the eyes of google spider. It take time as you are not only one who has created the website and requesting for indexing the site. I have seen lot of sites are not in the eyes of google spider for long time even though there is 10-15 well written article already there.Even these all article are 1000-1500 words long user friendly and problem solving article yet that not come in the eyes of google.The same way in other vast search engine like  yahoo, msn work. So if you are interested enough to get your website or blog indexed in those search engine also then do not forget to submit the site links in there webmaster websites.

5 add on steps to website ranking easily

When I have spent time submitting my sites I have found they get picked up in about a week. Some of my site take 45 days even more than that. When I have simply skipped this step and sought out reputable directories and other sites to get links from I have found that at least the homepage of the site gets indexed in as little as two days.
Neither will hurt your rankings but simply to make the best use of your time, seek our directories and other websites to get links from and leave the spiders to find you on their own.

3) Link Building

Have you ever think how the search engine will understand how it rank the website. Yes i believe one parameters is site age. But that not enough . Still important ranking parameters are link building technique. The DA(domain authority) and PA (page authority) you can check from the ahref and other website. But to get a DA of 90 or above need lot of hard work, lot of do follow back links etc. The more do follow link from high authority site you can make the more better chance to rank your website. Try for atleast 300-500 do follow back links with keywords. If you want to know how to do they please follow that how to get top 10 backlinks for your new website. If those  are from 300-500 back links are from different domains(not all atmost 5 links can be take from per website) then that will more better.

All of the major search engines give credit to sites that have quality links pointing to them. How many is enough depends on your industry and targeted phrases. Running a search on Google the reads “link:www.yourcompetition.com” will reveal approximately how many links a competitor has.
The first place to seek links is with general and topic-specific directories. After that you may want to move into reciprocal link building. Reciprocal link building is the exchange of links between two websites. Some webmasters will simply link to any website that links back to them. I highly recommend being more particular than that.
Find websites that you believe your site visitors would genuinely be interested in and you’ve probably found a good link partner. You want to find links from sites that are related to yours.
There are obviously many more methods to building links than directories and reciprocal link building. Again though, this is a whole article (or more) in itself.

4) Monitoring

After making some back links and other on site seo stuff next very important thing is tracking what is going to website,how many pages ranked in google, where the ranking placement(the rank position like first page 4 rd or 1st position), how many visitors are in the website, how many pages they view, bounce rate etc. will have to monitor the major search engines for your targeted phrases. Also, you will need to review your stats to see where your traffic is coming from and what search terms are being used to find you.
If a month passes and you don’t see any changes then more work needs to be done. I’m certainly not stating that you should take a month off, a solid search engine positioning strategy involves constantly adding content, building links, and insuring that your visitors are getting the information they want to have and finding it as easily as possible.

5) Reward Yourself

So you’ve done it. It’s taken many many hours of work but you’re rankings are doing well. What you’ve created is a solid position that will stand the tests of time provided that you continually revisit the above noted steps and insure that your website is always one step ahead of your competition (who have noticed you climbing and succeeding as you would notice others climbing up around your ranking).
Now it’s time to turn off your computer, take your partner out (you haven’t had much time for them lately) and have a great week(end). You’ve got a lot of work to do to maintain and build on these rankings but the hardest part is over. Congratulations!-

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