voip vs ip pbx and ip pbx benefit over epabx

For a really long time, EPABX is thought of as one of the most incredible mode for business correspondences. They were created utilizing copper wires and works on POTS (Regular Telephone utilities). By and by, organizations are hoping to broaden their true capacities and overhaul their inward as well as outer correspondence channel. The innovation of IP PBX has changed the business correspondence scene. Fundamentally, an IP PBX is a PBX telephone framework incorporated utilizing a web convention as opposed to customary simple administrations.

PABX is a business solution for companies that need many lines for in-house and outside calls. It allows companies to use a single access number that has several extensions. This is cheaper compared to using many landlines linked to the public network.

This system makes it possible to have many lines of access using a few connections to the public network. This network is also called the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Many organizations use PABX to handle a high volume of internal and outgoing calls.

The following are a portion of the justifications for why organizations ought to utilize IP communication or VoIP telephones instead of a customary PBX framework to reinforce their business communication.Voip framework are not just set aside cash it likewise have parcel of extra addon highlights which are not availiable for epbax framework.

Simple Installation

VoIP frameworks are associated through the web, therefore their installation is very simple. Information, as well as voice associations, are worked with through a similar same network. EPABX telephone frameworks, then again, are introduced through TDM links that can become convoluted. Moreover, it when you choose to migrate the workplace, the EPABX telephone framework require total reworking.

Easy Maintenance

Like epbax system the ip pbx does not require too much maintenance to work that in proper way. As that is web based so from client end not required too much maintenance but on the other hand epbax required time to time updation, check cable, check network and others. IP PBX phone system includes easy and efficient web-based configuration interface, making them easy to manage and configure. New updates in the software can be accomplished through admin remotely. EPABX on the other hands uses external support in case of any technical issue arises.

Productivity Tool

IP based PBX system comes with business continuity apps including CRM, email, outlook, IoT, API, artificial intelligence, CTI, etc. It is not possible with the traditional EPABX system.

Effective Scalability

The traditional telephone system has restricted expansion capacity. Coordinating more telephone lines incorporates adding new cards into the framework which require extra actual openings into the body. Notwithstanding, with IP phone adding extra augmentations period is exceptionally basic. you should simply consolidate a basic licensee and your all set. Besides, a customary telephone framework is cumbersome in size and covers a ton of room, however IP PBX can seamlessly fit into an network rack.

VOIP Support System

Internet-based telephony offers an exceptional support system through:-

special features Softphone help you to call from phone or desktop:

VOIP softphone enables you to use a desktop or your smartphone in order to make calls. Therefore, the cost incurred on buying phone equipment can be eliminated by softphones that can be incorporated with IP PBX. traditional EPABX phone system does not allow the same.

Inter-Office Connectivity:

Communication within a single organization that is located in different geographical locations is possible only with a VOIP based phone system.As voip is online so if the office have different branch even then that can be handle with voip where  epbax limited to a single place and control the local area only.

A Perpetual Investment

IP PBX systems offer the following advantages:-


You can easily set up a backup IP PBX server in case of any default. this allows you immediately switch to other server and maintain business continuity in order to obtain maximum uptime.


IP PBX can be run on the same server as other business application to then do it lies data centres in order to obtain better ROI for the purchased infrastructure.

Notable Features

Traditional analogue phones incorporate basic functions which are not adequate for present business realm. IP telephony, on the other hand, comes with advance feature including IVR, call recording, auto attendant, Voicemail to email, multi-line keys, pre-programmed keys, Softkeys, PoE (Power over Ethernet). These features are designed with evolving business nature in mind and help companies provide effective internal as well as external communication systems.

A Stronger and Advanced Approach Towards Business Communication

A well-communicated workplace is one of the important elements that ensure the success of a business. The aforementioned points clearly indicate that an IP PBX phone system efficiently facilitates a mobile and collaborative working environment that promotes efficiency as well as productivity in the business.

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