Top paying adsense niches and keywords with high cpc part 4

That’s the last article for that section which includes some top niches, sub niches , the popular keyword and higher cpc based keywords(along with search volume). These topics or keywords can be targeted and you can make website or blog on these topics.  If you already missed the remain 3 part for the top keywords then please visit and start check the others. Top 15 of them are already discussed on those article. Please do not miss that.Following are the remain niches and keywords. If you are looking for  more keywords in separate niche then you can find the same from semrush. Please check that blog how to find proper keywords using semrush.

16. Blogs and Blog related tools

Blogging has come a long way from its humble origins. With more people looking for answers on the internet, blogging has become both a source of primary income for individuals as well as a major marketing tool for businesses. With an increasing number of people wanting to succeed in the space, it has created new opportunities for publishers to teach how to blog successfully. You can create blog in any segments though the blog related tools  like seo tool,hosting tool,backup tool,any problem solving for blog platform etc are very important in all time.

Blogging sub-niches include:  

Travel blogging: Travel Blogging is some thing which is mostly viewed by people but that is quite difficult if and costly if you decided to make blog on world traveling. Might be you will reach to different places and lot of content can be made based on your experience you faced there but that is always a top niches in the blog category which can bring lot of traffic toward your website.

Fashion blogging : Like blog fashion blogging is also a quite popular blogging niche which mainly included the DIY or any garment related. These type of blog mostly famous for the ladies.

Food blogging: Varieties of recipe can be added in that blog niche and lot of people like to visit specially women who are interested enough to make new dishes. So a perfect recipe with ingredients required to make that dish can be a idea to making that kind of blog. Though gents are also interested about the cooking and some of them are taking that as a  hobby.

Guest blogging: Guest blogging is some type of niches

WordPress blogging: When the content is written about the wordpress and its different process of using it. As wordpress became so popular and most of the blogs are make in wordpress. That kind of blog not only generates cpc earning even that can be so useful to generate the affiliates marketing.

WordPress hosting for blogging: Any website need to host to make it in working condition. So WordPress hosting is also a effective topic which have less traffic but cpc is high and also generates the affiliate marketing income.

technology Blogging: In that segments lot can be placed like  software,new devices, engineering parts and concepts etc can be placed here. You can write content on that segments and can generates lot of money.

Food Review: Food review blogs are popular enough. These can be includes different street foods, restaurants and others.these review  can be from your own or from different people who already tried for those restaurants or street food shop.

Top-paying keywords for Blogging niche include:
Keywords                                                 Monthly search volume                     CPC (high range)
Bluehost blog                                                 100 – 1k                                                         $333.42
Self-hosted wordpress                                  100 – 1k                                                        $121.49
Blog hosting                                                    1k – 10k                                                         $43.70
Wordpress start a blog                                  100 – 1k                                                         $42.54
Best blog hosting sites                                   100 – 1k                                                         $34.45
Squarespace blog                                            1k -10k                                                          $30.00
Minimalist blog                                               100 – 1k                                                         $24.53

17. Web Development

The web development industry is growing fast, with the niche becoming more popular among advertisers. Every month, millions of people search for web development solutions online, bringing with them a golden opportunity for publishers to attract traffic.

Web development is also a lucrative niche because of the breadth of its scope. It is more than just building websites—incorporating domains such as security, user experience, third-party integrations, etc. This makes it one of the highest-paying AdSense niches.

Web development sub-niches include: 

Front end development
Full stack development
Ruby on rails development
Web programming
Python development

Top-paying keywords for web development include:

These following are the other top cost per click  keywords links. If you missed any of them then you might be missed some essential choice for your blog. So please do not miss them and decide in which niche you are like to make your blog or website. As you know all niches can not be cover in a same blog.

A perfect niche can generate high level of earning for you as the chances for ranking those site in some good keywords are quite high if and only if you are decide to find a perfect niche. Though i always recommend you to choose blog topics based on your expertise is more effective that a segment where you do not have any knowledge. So find the remain list below.

Check list 1 for top paying keywords

Check list 2 for top paying keywords

Check list 3 for top paying keywords

Check list 4 for top paying keywords

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