Top paying adsense keywords best adsense niches part 3

There is a huge scope for targeting  some niche instead of a site which will cover lot of niche. Targeted niche have a huge potential to rank in the google search which will be help to bring traffic to your website. Though there is a various way to generate traffic from various sources like social media, paid traffic, other search engine (except google), youtube etc but traffic from search engine are the most targeted traffic for any country that we have seen.  So we have to be sure the the domain name should be based on micro niche of these keywords which have better opportunity to rank with fewer articles even. But before choosing a domain name on the micro niche be sure that niche have enough traffic and quite interesting topics otherwise ranked top on that niche or on those selected keyword will be useless for you as  people will no longer visit your website as that niche has no traffic yet. Below are the some quite interesting niche which provide high cpc with large traffic. The all details with the niche, sub niche and the cpc  monthly search volume along with keywords given below. These are searched from google free keyword research tool and half of them are chosen from the paid keyword search tool like semrush (if you have no idea how to use that tool for free for some couple of days please check that semrush) .

11. Marketing & Advertising

Marketing is a core aspect of any business and websites with marketing and advertising contents enjoy massive readership from visitors. More so, they enjoy high revenue payouts from AdSense.

These blogs provide insight into marketing strategies that can help businesses grow. In the marketing and advertising niche, the average PPC cost in the US is $8.45.  In the UK, the average PPC cost is $6.50. Australia’s average CPC costs for marketing and advertising is $4.12.  Canada has an average CPC cost of $3.54 for this niche.PR and SEO lead the pack of keywords with the highest search volume in this niche. They have monthly search volumes of 135,000. Logo design has a search volume of 110,000 per month, while advertisement has a search volume of 90,500 per month. Also, marketing has a monthly search volume of 90,500.

Marketing sub-niches include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social media marketing
Email marketing
Google AdWords
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Launching a product
Traditional advertising
Advertising and public relations (PR)
Brand management
Market research

Top-paying keywords of this niche include:

Keywords                                              Monthly search volume             CPC (cost per click)
email marketing tool                                1k – 10k                                                  $61
Ecommerce SEO                                       1k – 10k                                                  $38
Local internet advertising                       100 – 1k                                                 $61
Internet marketing company                  1k – 10k                                                $28
SEO consulting services                           100 – 1k                                                $22

12. Personal Finance

Personal finance covers a broad range of topics that help people manage their finances. It covers topics such as investing, managing money, living within your means, budgeting, and more. It’s a high ROI industry, and therefore, advertisers won’t mind paying extra for clicks on their ads. It needs to be noted, however, that as with the health and fitness niche, finance also falls under Google’s YMYL categorization for website content.

This means that content produced in this niche needs to meet Google’s rigorous quality standards to rank.

Sub-niches of personal finance are:

Finance advisor
Money manager
Finance coach
Financial plans

Top-paying keywords in the personal finance niche are:

Keywords                                                      Monthly search volume                      CPC (Cost Per Click)
R personal finance                                            1k – 10k                                                           $99
Talk to a financial advisor                               100 – 1k                                                            $53
I need a financial advisor                                100 – 1k                                                            $51
Find a financial advisor                                   1k – 10k                                                             $48
Personal financial advisor near me               100 – 1k                                                             $43
Personal wealth manager                                100 -1k                                                              $38
Financial planners near me                             10k – 100k                                                        $6

13. Online Banking

Online banking is more secure and less troublesome when compared to the physical alternative. That’s why people have come to prefer making banking transactions online.

The online banking space is competitive, however, and publishers need to be prepared to explore the niche fully if they hope to be able to successfully enter the niche.

Sub-niches of the online banking niche include

Mobile banking
Virtual cards
Online banking apps
Online payment solutions
Digital banking

The niche’s top-paying keywords include:

Keywords                                                                Monthly search volume                    CPC
Huntington online                                                       10k – 100k                                                   $194
Huntington online banking                                        100k – 1m                                                   $154
Flagstar online banking                                               1k – 10k                                                       $117
Apply for bank account online                                   1k – 10k                                                        $95
Open savings account online                                      1k – 10k                                                        $66
Open bank account online                                          10k -100k                                                     $66
Set up bank account online                                         1k – 10k                                                         $65

14. Legal

Law and legal services is another high-paying niche where advertisers are willing to pay more for each click. It is a competitive sector because most legal services generate a significant amount of revenue.

Moreover, people are increasingly turning to online content first to find legal practitioners or answers to legal questions.

Legal sub-niches include:

Family law
Business law
Criminal law
Aviation law
Corporate law

Top-paying keywords are:

Keywords Monthly search volume CPC (high range)
Prepaid legal 1k – 10k $290
Prepaid legal services 1k – 10k $230
Law pages 100 – 1k $142
Dui laws 10k – 100k $135
Personal injury law 1k – 10k $128
Criminal law 10k -100k $55
Law offices near me 10k – 100k $54

15. Travel and Accommodation

Travel and accommodation service providers are looking to convert information seekers to paying customers.

Hotel booking, travel packages, shopping for adventure gear, flight booking, etc. are all services that are rapidly moving online. That’s why travel and accommodation ads usually have a high CPC.

As of 2022, the hospitality industry appears to be recovering well after the global economic shutdown in 2020. With people resuming international travel, major players within the travel industry are

once again loosening their purse strings to spend on advertising.

Travel and accommodation sub-niches include:

Business travel
Hotel reservation
Flight booking

Top-paying travel and accommodation keywords include:

Keywords                                                   Monthly search volume                                            CPC (Cost/Click)
Hotel booking system free                           1k – 10k                                                                                   $290.77
Prepaid legal services                                   1k – 10k                                                                                   $230.91
Law pages                                                       100 – 1k                                                                                   $142.36
Dui laws                                                          10k – 100k                                                                               $135.11
Personal injury law                                       1k – 10k                                                                                   $128.38
Criminal law                                                   10k -100k                                                                               $55.73
Law offices near me                                      10k – 100k                                                                              $54.17

These following are the other top cost per click  keywords links. If you missed any of them then you might be missed some essential choice for your blog. So please do not miss them and decide in which niche you are like to make your blog or website. As you know all niches can not be cover in a same blog.  A perfect niche can generate high level of earning for you as the chances for ranking those site in some good keywords are quite high if and only if you are decide to find a perfect niche. Though i always recommend you to choose blog topics based on your expertise is more effective that a segment where you do not have any knowledge.So find the remain list below.

Check list 1 for top paying keywords

Check list 2 for top paying keywords

Check list 3 for top paying keywords

Check list 4 for top paying keywords

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