Some essential and useful mac apps

Mac is using by lot of users not only for office even in home in all over the world.Though most the users are seen in united states and in united kingdom.Lot of mac apps and softwares are free but the useful one is given below and consider in that list.Though some common softwares like google chrome,firefox quantum,google drive,dropbox,vlc media player,skype etc are not listed as these are most common software and as a user of mac you are already familiar with these.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: 

Adobe Photoshop has been done a tremendous work for windows for so long.What ever segment you are working in most of the case for a layman or expert it have a high requirement for photoshop.For mac Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the high standard app or software when it comes to keeping your photos organised and simple image edits. If you’ve got to do any work that involves a large number of images, or even just take a lot of photos, this Mac software is an absolute must-have.Most of the cae when we just take picture it does not mean all picture will be as standard to viewers.For those case those photos need some retouch to make it more better.

photoshop lightroom


This open source and easy to use software help to resize the any windows so easily.Though there are lot of similar software like that which can do the same and some inbuild software so its value is not too much now a days. This is a useful windows management app for Mac that lets you move and resize windows with configurable keyboard shortcuts. You can also move windows between multiple displays too.

Duet Display

An additional display help you to increase your productivity if you are a pro users.Sometimes when we use some software which are difficult to handle in a  same screen and additional screen help to use the software and open most of the extended features more easier way. From the name it is clear it help you to get a duel display but when you can use an iphone or ipad as an duel display using the mac then it will save your cost for another display devices.Use your iPad or iPhone as an extra display for your Mac.Connect the iOS device to the Mac with the USB cable and use the touch-screen to interact with your Mac apps.


For protect your system from unauthorized access and keep your data protect and privacy protection we need to set the password.But unlocking the mac using password each time not only irritate us even it not fully protected.The main reason behind it Is if some one know the password then he/she can easily open your mac system without knowing you.Though now a days lot of extra features come like unlock device using voice recognition, pattern etc yet these are also difficult in some cases. But using that You can unlock your Mac by simply tapping your iPhone screen or your Apple Watch without having to type any passwords.


As in the world in most country the internet speed is still slow so google give those sites a extra benefit in ranking which are load too fast.So image optimization is become a essential rather than just a optional job.Imageoptim help a lot to reduce the size of the image before upload to the ftp/web.Always run your images through ImageOptim before upload them on to your website. The Mac app will reduce the size of your image files without affecting the visual quality.So as an image optimization technique it work in perfect way.


If your internet connection is limited in terms of uses then that software keep a vital role to download files,images and pdf as a mirror.Download entire websites includes images, PDF files and mirror them on your local disk for offline browsing.

Though infinit can help to send files from one machine to another and that same work is noe by many other apps and software yet infinit help to keep a bridge to transfer the file from one os to another which helps a lot to move from mac to other device os like windows.Easily send files and folders of any size from your Mac to another device be it a Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or a Mac itself.So now movement the file from your laptop to the android or iphone device is much more easier using infinit.

App Cleaner

Deleting the .dmg file is not enough. If you are to properly uninstall any Mac app, you need to delete the residual hidden files as well and that’s where App Cleaner can help.The App Cleaner not only clean the app even it help to save some space of hard disk.

Download Shuttle

Now a days files are too huge when we try to download a game,software,movies or other working files etc.At the time of download sometimes it stop download or download partially if the internet connection lost temporarily due to any of the reason.A download manager helps a lot on these case not only download it properly even it save time and data pack for internet. for your Mac that splits the file into multiple parts and downloads the individual parts simultaneously for faster downloads. Can pause and resume downloads too.


That software useful for those for whom time is a serious matter.Now a days we have to do lot of work simultaneously or one after another as lot of projects are running in the office.Time to time that software give you reminder for the next work sheets.Time tracking software for your Mac that sits in the status bar for quick access. Add any ememberable #hashtag to tasks and your tracked hours are also synced with the web and mobile devices.Its a paid software so better to search something which will provide that same as free.


Earlier it have lot of benefit but now a days it has not so much importance. It work similarly like bookmark options for web browsers but more organized way. This will turn your favorite website into a real desktop app for Mac that will reside in the Applications folder and you can launch from Spotlight search.


For a web developer,website manager,web maintenance work a ftp is a essential to upload any data on the website.As a perfect FTP client it is too useful for Mac OS. You can create droplets to instantly upload files to your favorite destinations from anywhere.


When there is any non activity like no mouse movement,mouse click or key press in keyboard then most of the os go for sleep mode or locked.But some time when we read a long articles,watching movies,listening song, or using any other device like mobile or tab side by side when it open then it also go for sleep mode.But caffeine is a software which helps your Mac stay awake. Click the Caffeine icon in the menu bar to prevent your Mac from automatically going to sleep or from dimming the screen while you are watching videos.


Macbook get instruction that when the lid close it means that not in use then immediately it goes to sleep mode to save the laptop battery.But in some case we do not need the display yet we need to run the machine.Example cases are like rendering,making packages,uploading etc.For those case also it stop working.So in that scenario the NoSleep extension will keep the screen awake even when the lid is closed so you can continue downloading files over the network.

Air Browser

 This will put your favorite websites in the menu bar so you can access them from any screen with a single click with out open the browser again and again.The sites can be configured to auto-refresh on open.


 Most of the time to upload a folder in dropbox or google drive you have to copy paste that folder it in the common folde.But using that you can easily sync any Mac folder with Dropbox or Google Drive without having to move them to a common folder.

Self Control

SelfControl is a free and open-source application for macOS that lets you block your own access to distracting websites, your mail servers, or anything else on the Internet. Stop procrastinating. This open-source Mac app that will temporarily block access to time-wasting websites, emails and everything else that you find distracting.Just set a period of time to block for, add sites to your blacklist, and click “Start.” Until that timer expires, you will be unable to access those sites—even if you restart your computer or delete the application.


Similar like winrar and as an alternative. A useful compression utility for Mac that can handle all the popular zip formats including RAR, TAR, MSI, EXE, GZIP and even ISO file. It can extract sounds and images from Flash and PDF files too.As a replacement you can use winrar also as it also available for mac.

Hocus Focus

That software have pros and cons.If some software is not in use then definitely it should hide but if some software use rarely then that also hide which are a big problem for that.Hocus focus helps to keep your Mac desktop screen clutter free by automatically hiding app windows that are inactive or haven’t been used for a while or non important software which just take a vital space in the desktop as an icon.


Bartender can be a useful alternative for hocus focus. If you have too many app icons cluttering the menu bar of your mac, Bartender can bring some order. It lets you hide the menu item you don’t need or you can push them to the secondary bar that will not show by default.

Pixel Winch

An easy-to-use screen measurement app where you take a screenshot of an area and then use the built-in controls to measure the dimensions of any element inside no matter how tiny it is.For designing,coding and for other case it is valuable in some cases.Also check how you can manage your social media post.


Use the rss feed and read from that become less priority and loosing its users.But if you are still a big rss feed readers fan then that will be a suitable software for you. Access your favorite RSS feeds from the Mac’s menu bar. Get notifications when new items are available and apply filters to only show articles that match certain keywords.


A text ex-pander program that accelerates your touch typing by replacing predefined abbreviations with corresponding phrases. For instance, say ;sig to add your rich signature in the Gmail window.While atext is undoubtedly the biggest name in text expansion, there are other great apps out there. Personally, we love aText.It is free for 21 days and after that need to purchase for $4.99.It can import data from TextExpander, TypeIt4Me, SpellCatcherX, Automaton, CSV file also can be sync to the icloud drive,dropbox,google drive and one drive.



Airmail is a great Mac app that takes your iCloud, Exchange, Gmail, and lots of other email accounts out of the browser, and on to your Mac. With support for pretty much every feature you could want, it’s a much better email experience than a web app.Email access is required everyday.So using that software make it too easy to control and write a email as that user friendly too.


Mac with android communication for transferring files,photo and message is a most required things now a days.Not only  It connects your Android phone to the Mac even you can access messages, manage photos, transfer files etc wirelessly .


For access of mac to ios device like ipad and iphone that is a very useful software.Access the files and folders on your iPhone or iPad inside this Finder-like app and copy images, videos and other files from the iOS device to your Mac easily.

GIF Brewery

If you are a blogger and looking for some images from the video then that is the perfect for you.It is useful for small sized video.This helps you convert

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