Some best professional DSLR that match your budget and needs

DLSR are very common now.For a high quality image the phone camera will not enough.Better to depend a bit on the dlsr camera.If you are looking for best dslr professional camera then that is the perfect article for you.But the cost of dlsr are too high and in market new camera are launched time to time.So its very common that we become confused which one is perfect for our needs and support the pocket.But if you are very serious about photography then you have to choose a perfect one which will give a best quality with lot of features.A good dlsr camera means a large sensor,lot of manual control options and high resolutions image.Below we like to discussed about the some different camera from different company available on the market.For 2018 and 2019 we list some of the camera which is suitable for you and most popular enough.

  Nikon D7200 or D7500

Nikon D7200 have a high level of APS-C CMOS Sensor with 51-point AF Autofocus and 3.2-inch screen Screen size with 1,299K dots.That intermediate camera have 24.2Mega pixel image option(though that not too much), with 6fps continuous shooting speed (maximum limit) can capture 1080p movies and still.Before we get onto our top 10 picks of the best DSLRs you can buy right now, let’s take a look at this great value option. Nikon’s D7200 might have been replaced by the D7500, but it’s an DSLR that’s packed with features, a decent performance and a excellent AF system. This is topped off with a cracking sensor to make it an ideal camera for enthusiasts – especially if you already own some Nikon lenses. It might be getting on a bit, but this makes it an ever better buy if you have budget of rs 60,000-70,000.

You can take a look and decision for purchase from here.

Fujifilm X-T3

Fujifilm X-T3

That Mirrorless APS-C sensor based 26.1MP camera is perfect for Enthusiast or professional. That camera is based on Fujifilm X Lens mount with EVF, 3,690k dots, 100% coverage monitor for proper viewing. 11fps Continuous shooting speed and 4K video resolution can be expected with that.

Whether you want to shoot sports, 4K video or all-round photographic subjects for micro photography and other the fujiflim X-T3 does it all brilliantly. That camera contain Fujifilm’s latest 26.1-megapixel APS-C format sensor with 11fps continuous shooting which can be goes up to an amazing 30 frames per seconds in 1.25x crop mode with its electronic shutter.So not possible to take far distanced images as zoom is less yet effective for short range. Fujifilm’s new autofocus system help to covers the whole image area pretty much better way and it can capture 4K video at 60/50fps, a feat that only dedicated video-centric cameras like the Panasonic GH5S (more costly) have been able to manage until now. The only thing missing is in-body stabilization, but in the context of everything this camera can do, that’s a minor.That have high speed burst mode and 4k video can produced upto 60 fps which make that camera something different from other. That will cost you around $1500 or rs 1 lac.You can check that camera from amazon from here.If you take decision to buy best dslr video camera then you can consider that product.

Know why fujiflim camera is different from other.

Nikon D850

Nikon D850

It has CMOS full frame based Sensor with 45.4MP and 153-point AF, 99 cross-type Autofocus option.That camera is some thing special for its megapixel.Though each image size is high enough yet can say it can give you a clear and perfect shoot by which mostly experts are like that camera.3.2-inch tilt-angle touchscreen, 2,359,000 dots Screen type gives to give clear image of the angle and clarity of the photograph before it shoot. Maximum continuous shooting speed 7fps and 4K videos can be taken with that.So if you are a youtube then that can also effective enough to give a high quality of video which is appreciate by many viewers.

If you’re looking for the ultimate DSLR right now (or any camera for that matter), then the Nikon D850 is it. This full-frame monster of a camera might be on the pricey side, but for the cash you get a stunning camera that won’t disappoint. The huge 45.4MP sensor delivers images with stunning detail and noise performance even at high ISOs, while the highly sophisticated 153-point AF system is borrowed from Nikon’s flagship D5. Add in 7fps burst shooting and a host of advanced features, wrap it in a durable magnesium alloy body and you’ve got a camera that’s pretty much at the top of its game for any subject you want to shoot. A brilliant piece of kit.

Like the sound of the D850, but want to go mirrorless? Well, while not strictly a mirror less version of the D850, Nikon’s new Z7 mirrorless camera shares the same 45MP resolution as the D850, but features some clever tech of its own, including an all-new lens mount. That a costly camera cost you approximately rs 210,000 but it a good choice and high level of mega pixel can give you a best images.One of the best camera.

Still are you want to know something more about Nikon D850 then Donot miss out.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

With Full-frame CMOS sensor and 30.4Megapixels camera and 61-point AF, 41 cross-type autofocus option that canon camera in the top of the list. That experts choice camera have 3.2-inch touchscreen, 1,620,000 dots Screen type for crystal clear view and can able to make 4k movies.That camera is costly but if you have that one then it can be asset in your photography career.

Canon’s EOS 5D series of cameras has a rich heritage.The original EOS 5D with  Mark II unleashed Full HD video capture option bought full-frame photography to the masses and become favourite among the photographers. The EOS 5D Mark IV pretty much tweaks and improves on everything before it, with a new 30.4MP sensor and advanced 61-point AF system. A brilliant DSLR that was until recently our top pick, but the arrival of the D850 means it slips a place down to number two.

It cost approximately $2657 or rs 2,84,000 please check it and buy it from amazon from here.If most of the time you outing and like to take snap of the nature then canon eos is one of the best dslr camera for travel.

If you are fan of cannon eos and want some good price deal or slashed price then try from here.

Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500

That AF-P DX Sensor based DSLR camera can capture 24.2 Megapixels photo  and full hd high resolution video. That camera have Nikon F Lens mount supported with 3-inch fixed, 921,000 dots Screen with Optical Viewfinder.

Our first two choices are mirrorless cameras, but DSLRs are still going strong. In fact they offer great value for beginners – and the Nikon D3500 is the perfect example. There’s a lot the D3500 doesn’t do – it has a fixed rear screen that’s not touch-sensitive, it doesn’t have hybrid on-sensor autofocus and it doesn’t shoot 4K video thats why the cost of the camera is low and perfect for beginner level where passion is the key rather than professionalism.Yet its 24MP sensor delivers super-sharp, super-high quality images, Nikon’s latest AF-P retracting kit lens is a miniature marvel and focuses very fast in live view, even without on-sensor phase-detection autofocus. The D3500 handles well, it’s easy to use, it’s more powerful than it looks and it’s the perfect introduction to interchangeable lens photography.That is one of the cheapest camera compare with other high level camera with good photography option. Thought its a beginner level camera yet the good thing is the cost of the camera is under 30,000 rs which is really a good deal for you.

If you have already make your mind for nikon D3500 then you can take from here.

Sony Alpha 6000

A mirrorless camera that’s old but good – a pint-sized powerhouse

That Mirrorless  APS-C sensor based Beginner or enthusiast camera have  1080p video resolution which is less but the cost effective. 24.3MP Megapixels with Sony E Lens mount 3-inch tilting, 921,600 dots monitor make it a beginner level camera.But donot forget that’s from sony which have already keep a good mark for so many years in different consumer electronics and speaker based products. Continuous shooting speed can be expected to 11fps.In alpha lineup camera of sony have some more model like A6300 and A6500 yet that one is quite accepted product all over the world.If you are big fan of sony products then you can take that one.

Despite the arrival of the A6300 and A6500, the Sony A6000 remains in Sony’s Alpha lineup – and that’s a smart move on Sony’s part. While the latter two models can satisfy enthusiasts and those keen on shooting 4K video, the A6000 serves as a more affordable introduction to the system – one that still absolutely holds its own against even pricier cameras. Thanks in part to a 179-point phase-detect AF system spread broadly across the frame, it’s particularly adept at tracking moving subjects, with its 11fps burst shooting option helping you to get the decisive moment. This is a great mirrorless camera at this price, especially if you really don’t want the bulk of a DSLR. Though most of the above camera can produced 4k video yet sony alpha is one of the remarkable products for best dslr with 4k video.

If you are interested you can purchase that from amazon.

If you don’t need interchangeable lenses, though, a compact camera with a fixed lens is a great choice, and this is where you’ll find the largest variety of camera types and prices, from advanced compact cameras for experts through long-zoom bridge and superzoom travel cameras though to simple low-cost point-and-shoot cameras that the whole family can use.

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  • March 31, 2019 at 10:35 am

    The camera which are mention above are really good enough these camera are so useful.But i think still the canon eos 5d mark is good camera which i have and its really good as a professional camera.Nikon cameras are also good.I have one earlier though i sold that to some one as i got a good offer to sell.

  • March 31, 2019 at 10:38 am

    According to me though sony have some good products yet i will tell you that not effective in the product type of camera.For camera canon is costly enough but these are good too.For me it take 5 min to decide and order it from the link and found it good enough.


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