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When you first learn about it, it seems like affiliate marketing should be easy. It’s not really that difficult to set up a blog; all you need is a domain, some WordPress software, a few plugins, and you’re good to go. It’s trivial to sign up for most affiliate networks. Then all you need to do is put links on your page and rake in the cash, right? How hard can it be?

The answer, of course, is “quite hard.” There’s a reason there are entire blogs based on “how to succeed with affiliate marketing.” You’ll soon discover that there’s a lot more to affiliate marketing than just slapping a blog and some links online. There’s a mountain to climb, and you need to prepare yourself for the journey.

What I’ve done is put together the most common reasons why you aren’t getting clicks on your affiliate links. Check each of them down the list and see which apply to you, and work to fix the issues you find.

The first and most common problem with any affiliate marketing website is a lack of traffic. A lot of bloggers start off slow and try to monetize too early. I understand the desire to set a precedent; people don’t like building up loyalty only to be monetized at the first chance. On the other hand, it doesn’t do you much good to put links up when you only have a few dozen hits per month.The typical affiliate marketing conversion rate is something like 5%, and that’s out of the people who click. An average click rate might be 1%. That means five out of every hundred people who click go on to make a purchase, and one out of every hundred people to visit go on to click, so you need tens or hundreds of thousands of visitors to see reliable conversions. You need a huge volume of visitors to guaranteed success with affiliate marketing.Any thing less than that might be also effective but only if u are so lucky.If you not read that article for steps to increase affiliate earning then check that also.

Have you ever been reading a blog post and, in the middle of it, seen a sentence or a paragraph that’s entirely out place and moved to another topics which simply indicate that that article not up to the mark of satisfactory.We do not have to forget that ultimately the user have to enjoy the article when they go through that.Writing spam article or meaning less article is useless and no one will interested to read those and waste there time.Even 1 to 3 article in total 100 article blog bring a negative impact on that site url. Moreover the affiliate purchase will be done by real human not spam.So less real user means u are far away from the reality of success.So always make sure your affiliate links are as close to on-topic as possible and also those should be interesting enough.

Every affiliate link should have an inherent call to action. Either that call to action should be a simple “click here to buy now”, or it should be something more detailed and tuned for the specific product and the problem it addresses.

like that……..

that kind of link is look like a spam to user thought he domain name have huge trust.These links make a negative impact and user loose there interest to click that kind of links.So try to make links more perfect and shorter where user will like to click the links and see the follow page.So for amazon try to use short link option for other if there any option to short url method follow and paste that link.It might bring more success to you.

cloaking or adding the direct links of affiliate to your website navigation might be increase visibility but on the other

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