Is podcast can help in seo then how?

Making a podcast might be look wired strategy for seo and ranking but that absolutely true rather than text the podcast are more interesting and interacting.People like to visualize the content rather than reading it that’s true that’s why a same content written in paper and the same in video format will attract more views in video than text as that is audio visual.But like video the audio also keep significant effect to the users.

Now question is what is podcast as per wikipedia a podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening. Streaming applications and podcasting services provide a convenient and integrated way to manage a personal consumption queue across many podcast sources and playback devices.As now a days the mobile user become more than double than the laptop/desktop user so in mobile it quite preferable to listen some thing like some and other.So that the reason podcast win the contest over article post.Podcast can be made with anything according to the website types.Like a episode of entertainment,technical content based podcast,sports talk podcast etc.The podcast also get more value as different type smart devices introduced in market like amazon alexa, google assistant, apple siri etc.For podcast hosting you can choose a2hosting(get 50 percent discount from here).

Though the content of video and audio cannot be visible to google spider (where the text is more visible and easily detect by the spider) yet google give importance to that podcast page if that able to bring lot of visits. On the other hand google search do not have option to search by podcast like search for news,video and image.So might be it will come in mind google does not like to promote podcast but in reality google decided to make a change to their search engine and algorithm and started to index podcasts and rank them.For that you have to search with adding the padcast word in the end of the search keyword.But adding a podcast does not means it will bring lot of traffic.There are certain parameters which you have to follow to get the decent amount of traffic to your blog these are as follows.

 You don’t have to keyword stuff – you don’t have to mention a keyword 100 times or anything crazy if you want to rank well organically. Mention it whenever it is natural.You can also choose  bluehost or hostgator as a reliable server for that.

Podcast titles that contain popular keywords tend to do better – do your keyword research and include the right keywords within your title.

Podcast time span have to be higher – Would you like to listen the podcast which is less than 1 minute.Definately not as podcast is like the radio to the people.They can do there work when listening to the podcast.So click again and again and choose the another podcast might be annoying for them.That doesnot mean all podcast should be over 1 hour or couple of hour.More time span also bad for any podcast as listeners loose there interest and not able to continue that.Also more time span will increase the time on the site for each user as they will

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