Instagram story saver for other’s story

Instagram is more popular for their stories. Instagram story saving process is a complicated work but that process can be easier by Instagram story saver app. But its have some limitation. Like events the story also exist for a limited time periods.In general instagram stories disappear after 24 hours.If that not saved then you will not only loose your story, even you will loose your hard work and time.And if you do not save them or archive them, you will end up losing all the hard work you’ve put into creating your beautiful Instagram story.To avoid that, and ensure you never lose an Instagram story, the following are a couple of strategies that you can use to save your Instagram stories.If that not your story and you like to download other stories then it might be void the privacy of the user. So better to avoid to do that if that not required too much.

Instagram story saver

To download your own Instagram story you need to save that in your phone, highlights, or archive. But on the other hand if you are looking to download the stories of others (your friends, be loved one , family member or any other person whom you are following) your have to download the story using some third-party apps. Some of them only give opportunity to save your story and some give chances to save others stories.

Here’s how to download another person’s Instagram story – download the Story Saver app on your phone. Log in to the app with your Instagram login info. Select the account with the story you want, then select the story in question and click download to save it to your phone.

save instagram story Using App

In google play you will able to get lot of different app which help to save the story. But be sure the app which you are trying to use that is popular and have good reviews and ratings. One of the best ways to save Instagram stories on Android devices is by using the Story Saver app. It’s a free app that’s available on the Play Store, and it allows for easy download of any Instagram story you want.

1. After install the app open the Story Saver app.After that you need to loging using the app either with instagram or facebook. You can choose any one of them.

2. The application will take you to an Instagram login page, so you can sign into your account. This will permit you to view and save the narratives straightforwardly in the Story Saver application without utilizing the real Instagram application.

3.After you’ve signed in, you’ll see a list of account with stories accessible.
Basically click on the record with your desired stories to see.Once that open you have option to download the story. Just click on download button to download the story.Now go for your story saver directory to see the list of story which you have downloaded.

download using app1


Screen Recorder

To use it in iphone you have to go for settings then control panel and then check Screen Recorder is available on Included Controls or not. If not availiable then you can see that inside more control.Go back to your home screen and then swipe down for newer models and swipe up for older models. You should see the screen recorder icon as a circle with a dot inside. You have to tap that circle to start taking a screen recording.Now that you know you can record off your screen go ahead and open Instagram. Look for the story you want to record, then open your control panel and hit screen record. Your phone will start recording.

download using recording

Download Instagram videos on PC

Open Google Chrome and go to StorySaver;
Go to Instagram and choose a public video, and tap on the “three dots” in the top right corner to copy the video URL;
Go back to Chrome to and enter the Instagram video URL in the search box, and hit “Download”;
Scroll down to see the video and hit “Save as video”;
The Instagram video will save in your “Downloads” folder.



If you want to save your own story

The above all option also give to save your story by using app or screen recording.But the following 2 option not give you option to check other story. That will be applicable only for your account not other.

Save your Story as an Instagram post

Another option to prevent your Story from disappearing after 24 hours is to convert it into a post: Open your desired Story in the Stories feature. Tap the three dots, located at the bottom of the screen. Choose Share as post.

save instagram story as post
save instagram story as post

Save the story to your phone or archive

This method involves saving your Instagram Story automatically to an archive in the app or to your phone’s memory. For that you need to login to instagram account and go to profile and then tap the menu icon with three line in the right.
Then Tap Settings. Inside the setting you can see the icon for Privacy. Tap that to open.Then Tap Story.Be sure that option you have to do for first time to activate that. From next time it will move automatically to there. Underneath the Saving heading, you can toggle on Save Story to Camera Roll or Save Story to Gallery to save stories to your device’s photo app.Camera role option is applicable for iPhone and gallery option for android.Sawm way save story for archieve option will be also shown there


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