How to Improve Conversion Rates

Do you know your blog,website or products conversion rates? Blog or website Conversion rate is the number of visitors to your site that take the desired action against the total number of visitors in a particular period or time. Same way products conversion rates just says he number of visitors click on the particular product page (that product page can be in your blog, website, amazon or any other 3rd party website) and how many of them ordered. The percentage of conversion rate found from (no of  visitors purchased your products / No of visitors on that page)* 100 . Research has shown that 60% of websites do not know their conversion rates. These need to track well to find out the exact problem why your products not converting in sales. Then how do you improve your site’s performance if you do not know your conversion rates? What do you take into consideration when making changes to your site’s design? What do you do when you have plenty of visitors yet very few of them take the desired action? What do you want your visitors to do? How are they going to do it? What is the next step for your visitor after taking the desired action?The all above question we will cover in that article. Conversion rate tracking is the best way to track what mistake you are making in your website to solve the issue.In this article we will discuss about the different ways to Improve Conversion Rates for a underperformed and non optimized product listing page which can be either physical product, digital product , services or the affiliate product which you are targeting.

These and other questions can easily be answered if some efforts are made towards tracking and calculating websites conversion rates.Converting your visitor is the ultimate aim of any website. Making the visitor to take the desired action is the fulfillment of a process that started from wherever the visitor clicked to come to your site. The desired action could be the following.

Sales: The first and foremost part of earning is sales always.

Subscribing to your newsletter or book-marking a page: Newsletter is the most attractive sales tool which keep user engaged with your website or blog. Visitor come from search engine or google search by using a search term. To get that user as returning user better if they able to subscribe for newsletter. In future even they forget about that website is not a problem. You have still an opportunity toget them back in your website or blog by sending them newsletter regularly. If the content of the newsletter they like they will click and come in the page again which can lead to sale. As we know people not instantly buy after visit the product listing page. They like to get the by surfing more website and find the best product in best cost.If everything is as per as there requirement they like to purchase but not instantly. so, newsletter take an important role in conversion.

Taking a survey.
Downloading a software or ebook
Clicking on a link.
Going through the process (that is, clicking from page to page ) before clicking on the order button. Etc

Most of the time we think conversion starts when the visitor lands on our Site. But conversion actually starts from wherever the visitor first locates our site. How the site was located. What description the visitor sees before clicking to your site or what recommendation or word of mouth brought the visitor to your site. This pre- conversion state is what to a large extent, can determine whether conversion actually takes place or not. This is what I call the keyword-title-description-landing page formula. This formula is explained in my free ebook Google Adwords Made Easy. You can download this free ebook at home base business ideas site.

What enables conversion to take place. A visitor landing at your site should immediately feel comfortable with your site. First impression as they say matters a lot. For conversion to take place you must hold the visitor’s attention once he lands on your site. Some of the points to note that make for easy conversion are:

Fast Load:

A slow loading website by 5% can less your visitors almost 30%. The slow speed can be done by different reason. If you are using wordpress then try to use cache plugin to resolve the issue a bit. You can check the site speed from various tools. Even google has a tool where you can find what the reason behind it for slow speed. The main reasons for maximum websites are css and javascript cache, high image size and other. Try to optimize the image size by using any designing tool like photoshop, gimp etc. You might be also able to check some pages of your website is taking too much time to load. So try to optimized those pages also. But try to optimized the home page i mean to say the home page or site root links(index) page first.If you are new to blog and not having any blog then read that to know how to start the blogging.

Your website should load fast. The next site is a click away. If your site loads slowly your visitor clicks away and you have lost a potential customer. Usually, graphics, animations, are the cause of slow loading pages. Your can use some software, available free on the internet, to reduce the size of your graphics so that they load fast.

When you will do the loading speed optimization be sure you have done for the mobile and web for both. We know that now a days 70%-80% visitors are coming for mobile. So optimizing for mobile is first target. Try to keep it above 90-95% for best experience.

Mobile Optimized

is your website is mobile optimized as couple of years lot of people have

Professional Look

Your site should have a professional look about it. It should at first glance portray a quality site. This adds a little bit of credibility to the site. The site is then seen as a serious site. State your case quickly. Let your visitor know what your site is about in a few words. Don’t go rambling about your achievements. That can come later.

Give the visitor what he is looking for:

Arrange your content in an easy to understand way. Whether you are using Tables or CSS for site design, make sure your content is arranged in such a way that the visitor moves from one section of the site to another without confusion or frustration. If you are catering to different kinds of visitors, demarcate your site or page clearly showing these different sections for visitors.In a single word make the listing page user friendly and try to give maximum information along with the images. For physical product most conversion done with the image. Buyer like to buy from online if they are sure what they are looking to purchase is the same product which has been listed.

Include Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions:

Do not forget to add these 3 pages in your website or blog. These are as follows Privacy Policy, terms and conditions and disclaimer. These 3 page not only look better to see even it help to make the site more professional to visitors. Either use any tool or write the content from your own to make these pages. Also be sure you should use your email id for that. Remaining pages also required like about us, contact us etc. But most of the time we not care about these policy pages. I have seen lot of website are look professional they are doing good business added lot of content in website but thesepolicy pages are not there.

Include your Privacy Policy, Phone Numbers, About Us information on every page of your site. This builds some element of trust. Visitors may not click to these pages but the fact that they are there builds some credibility.

No mistake for Grammers and Typos

Do not irritate your visitors with bad grammar or typos. Check and crosscheck your content. Ask somebody to read through your content and point out grammatical errors and typos. These kinds of errors portray a site as non seriousness and therefore suspect. If you must use banners use them sparingly. Do not allow your banners to distract your visitors from the desired action to be taken. Banners are been clicked on less and less these days.

Having taken care of all of the above, your site is set to present your visitors with your carefully packaged offer. You begin by getting to know your present conversion rates. It is only logical that before any action is taken to improve conversion rates, the present conversion rates are known.

What is your website’s conversion rates. There are many actions a site may desire a visitor to take once he lands at the site. It is the conversion rates of these desired actions that you want to calculate. Lets look at some the typical conversion rates that need to be calculated and what can be done to improve them.

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