How to generate a six figures from online

Most of us keep a wish to have a nice 2 bedroom based home along with a car.Might be some one is looking for only own house and who have house already with them then they wish for a own royal car. To fulfill these wish need at least $100000 figures earning.If you looking to earn that per year its also not difficult enough.So from the above we know the target is to bring six figures and which is very much impossible.


Now might be you are thinking that six figures per month is impossible but I want to tell you that also possible and how that we will discuss in other article.But now I will show you how to get six figures with in 8 months of launching a blog.The First target is to make the blog profitable or need to enabled monetization.But before that need to book a domain with a common term used.If you like to make a niche based then you can book the domain name with any preffix or suffix on that niche name.Once domain is booked you can take a hosting from bluehost or a2hosting.The process of booking a host given(you have to click on the link to know the complete process and get discount).Then make a blog with wordpress free or paid theme(whatever you like paid theme pack here work better,yet its upto you).But it will better if you will try to make a blog you start to planning before 1 month and write atleast 30 article which can be  published on those days when you will be busy enough to write article.Because here the main strategy is you have to add article daily basis atleast 20 in a month.


Once the blog ready and you have to add atleast 6 post on the same day (from the earlier post what you have already write or you can write 5 post a day tough thats enough to manage) when the blog launched.After that if possible write & published 1 article each day or write & published 50 in first 90 days.A huge change your blog will be come in google’s spiders eye.Shortly your site will ranked and then you will get some traffic.Now the monetization process come in action.You can either try with affiliates or advertising(google adsence or or might be both you can try.If you willing to add google adsence then as per the new rules a new blog will have to over atleast 6 months in total before apply and get approved.You can try for approval before 6 months and with 50 post atleast but huge change it will not accepted.But be sure the all post or article will be atleast 1000-2000 words each and not copy from any other blog(need to write from your own).You can check the article uniqueness using the copyscape.

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If that pass then it means your article are fresh and not copied from anywhere else.Now when you will write those article you have to search the topics and heading for the article with the long trail search engine keyword list.

Once you have 140 post in your blog in 7 months hope you will get a good number of traffic in your blog.So you will start earning from the affiliate sales or advertise earning.Once your blog earning reached $2500 per month then you can expect the 10000 dollar by sell that blog.Now you might be ask why I will sell the blog which already generating the 2500 bucks per month.The reason for selling is earn one-two time that income is possible enough.But to maintain the same earning for more than 40 months is difficult enough and have only 40% of chance to fulfill it.If your blog’s mostly earning generated pages are in the top of the google search then those can be overtake by some other blog post.To maintain the ranking need to work on the blog more consistently, have to write post in every 2 days, have to generate more backlinks and others,make website live,save your blog from google algorithm updates,your advertisement account(adsence,amazon or medianet) might be banned etc etc.Lot of threats or can say one wrong step make your blog might be vanished from search.Which means your earning can be gone.Then you will be in loss.But on the other hand once you will earn good then you can might search for buyer for the blog.That can be done in 2 ways.Either sale in which is one of the finest and oldest site for selling or flipping sites owner.Otherwise you can also add a line in your blog “that blog is sale” by connecting the contact form with that link.The person who is like that they can purchase that.But be sure you are earning that kind of amount from the blog as you have to show the proof there.Or you can try for other sites who are providing the blogs to list and sale like flippa.


Blog are sold on 33-40 times more than the earning they are generating.So get $100000 You need to get 2500 to 3000 dollar earning per month.For that you need atleast 300000 page views per month and most of the visitors from the top 5 countries like usa,canada,australia,germany and united kingdom.Specially if you target the usa then 300000 pageviews can generate that kind of income.


So from the above process you come to know that it is the easiest way to earning the 6 figure income online in short range of time.Might be it will take more time if you have not the experience earlier.If you think that earning ($2500) per month not possible then you are wrong.Lot of blog writer are gaining handsome income by doing the same process for so many years. Yet if you think that difficult enough then you can choose another way.Make the same process for 5 blogs.But content and topics for those have to be different.Earn $500 per month from the 5 blogs then you will reach your desired goal point easily.Please comments below what you think about that or if you have already experienced that earlier.Share your story in comments.

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