How to book Bluehost hosting and whats its specialty

Whenever you are think to earn online from the legitimate way then you need a website.Digital marketing by selling own product,earning from affiliate marketing or earning from advertisement like adwords or google ads is required a website with proper hosting.Rather than taking a training and increase knowledge more and more better to starting your own website and do r&d to be a expert in digital marketing. Because you will learn all the modules in digital marketing with increasing complexity over time, by applying the principles on your own website.As practical is required reading other blog will always help you to increase your knowledge but it never help you to earn money with out creating the site and doing r&d.

HTML websites are not easy to make, but you can create a self-hosted WordPress blog on your domain name in 4-12 hours. You can open a free blog at or but you will not be able to grow your website and make money from it. Because most of the free blogging services are not for commercial use and even if that platform dependent blog account will blocked by the company then you will loose all of your effort.

If you want to have your own website, a self-hosted WordPress blog is one of the best ways to go about it.Because here control will be in your hand and you do not have to wait for anyone else for the same. First, you need to choose a topic for your blog or if you want you can launch your blog with different topics and then you should register a domain name.You can get a .com domain name or any of the hundreds of extensions available.Try to choose the name in short with 15 character maximum because it will help your visitor to remember your domain and they will back to your domain easily. Once you purchase a domain you have to find good and affordable web  hosting services and then start to install WordPress on it.

In this article, I want to show you how to get a self-hosted WordPress blog with BlueHost, one of the most reputed and reliable hosting services on the web.Bluehost is a award winning company and they have good after sale service department even it help you to scale the success again and again by providing not only unlimited space and bandwidth even help you to upload unlimited domain once you started earning from your first site or blog.Click the link and then follow the following process to start your some steps towards your new blogs.

Step 1: Sign Up for a Hosting Plan

Click here to signup for hosting plan.There are many hosting companies offering hosting plans. BlueHost has a good reputation for quality and support.In world more than 40% of site are hosted with bluehost and top most blogger and site like to choose it.So from there decision you can be sure there server worth and value.

Click the following banner to visit BlueHost or you can click here. Web Hosting $3.95.But if you book from that link then you will get it only in $2.99.Hope it help.

BlueHost gives you a free domain name as well with the registration.Though   some time plan are changed.So when you are reading that then you will get the offer of free domain or not I am not sure. On the next page go ahead and click on Get Started Now

Select the basic plan from the next screen. The basic plan is more than enough for new bloggers. The price will show as $3.95 a month but we can reduce it further in the next step.

If you have registered a domain name already, go ahead and enter the domain name there. Else, enter a new domain name that will be registered for you along with your BlueHost plan.Hope that is easy to understand.So move on.

In the next step, you have to enter all your personal details. Try to give all required personal details properly then move the mouse to the top right corner of the screen. They will think that you are leaving their website and will try to retain you by giving an offer. Do this and click on Claim Savings in the next screen.

Once you click Claim Savings, the page will reload and you will see a new pricing. You can sign up for the 1 year plan for just $60 or you can sign up for the 3 year plan at ~$95 (I recommend the 3-year plan for the highest savings)

Lot of blogger are using bluehost for long time so hope that will not a problematic for you if you choose 3 yrs plan only if your site is too bigger.

Enter your credit card number in the next step. And then finish the order process. In many cases, a debit card number also works.Otherwise choose credit card.

Once you do that your sign up process with BlueHost is done. You have created your Web-Hosting account in next step.

Step 2: Install WordPress with a Few Clicks

As soon as you finish the sign-up process, you will be asked to create a password. Create your password and login into the dashboard.

Once you log in, you will see a dashboard like this. BlueHost comes with 1-click WordPress install. Find Install WordPress in the website section and click on it.Its will take some to install.If your site is developed for joomla or core php then you can contact with them and then follow the steps they are providing.  

On the next page, click on Continue Installation.

Select the domain on which you want to install the WordPress blog. You will get your domain name by default, you can select that.

Click next and then your WordPress blog will be installed within a few minutes.Then you can update your wordpress to the latest one if required.

you can also check how you can add some nice pro wordpress theme which will be helpful for you.

If you have your domain name at some other registrar instead of BlueHost then you have to update your name servers on your domain name.

Your name servers will be mentioned in the welcome email that you have received from BlueHost. It is usually and

That’s it. Your WordPress blog is installed and you are ready to go! Start blogging and start learning digital marketing or start earning from your articles or blog post which you have posted.

Rest of the things will be simple enough.Hope you have follow that.Now you can check how you can get some effective keywords which will help you to increase your income.

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