How can you make 1000 dollar a month from blogging

Before staring that topics i wan to tell you that’s not enough to see the result of earning in overnight not even in 1 months.It need consistency.You need to work hard to get that amount per month.But once your website will be rank and generated traffic then effort will require quite less compare to effort you have to put now.  Well, before you even start, you need a WordPress blog. If you’re reading this and don’t even have your own blog set up, here’s what you got to do –

Get some affordable and reliable hosting. I started my journey with hostgator. You get a free domain name registration for the first year.If you like to know how can start with a good discount then check that link hosting from Hostgator with maximum discount.

Install a great-looking theme.You can choose any of the theme from lot of nice looking professional seo freindly theme from elegant theme.
Start writing amazing content. Create a content schedule, even, and stick at it for six months.You need to consistently upload the content in your sure these are interesting enough.If you are lazy or donot have so much time then you can take our service also to write the content.Check our plans for article writing for your blog post.

Writing a content with approximately 1500 words need lot of time approximately 3 hours after doing some research,writing content, doing some onsite seo stuff, finding keywords,adding images etc.So if you donot want to loose your time or if you are working where you donot have 12 hours extra time per week for that (12 hours in a week which means 1.7 hours per day) then that will be so useful for you to choose us for your content writing by paying us a affordable amount.

How can you make 1000 dollar a month from blogging?

Getting 1000 dollar per month needs consistency in your work.It not required that kind of hard work to get that but sometime for certain topics that is quite time effective and  hard work is required.So patience is required to get that output.Do not expect anything overnight not even in 10-15 days. It need 6 months to 1 year to gain that kind of earning.

1. Promote affiliate products

The simplest way to start generating income from your blog is by promoting affiliate products and services.Lot of different affiliated products are already exist in world which can give good earning for you.Some of them are generating 100 dollar per sale where some generates 20 dollar.But to get 1000 dollar per month you need at least 10 to 50 sales per month.Which might be look like feasible but not easy. Reason you are not the only who is working on same direction and domain.Lot of competitors are already in that segment which make the process a bit difficult but not impossible.

Now, when I say it’s the simplest, I don’t mean it’s the easiest. I’ve said this many times before. You still have your work cut out when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Find a bunch of great quality and trusted products and services that you can write genuine reviews about and create video tutorials of, and start promoting them on your blog.
Search engines take time to rank content and reviews, but the traffic will start to increase over time. So, once you’ve written your reviews and created your tutorial videos, sit tight and wait for your first few affiliate sales to come through.

Better still, focus on promoting your reviews on social media and through other mediums and platforms. And, continue producing great content in the form of reviews, guides, tutorials, case studies and problem solving topics.These are most viewed content topics which can generate a good income from blogging.

3.CPC ads from google adsence

It very difficult to generate a high income from adsence.It takes time.It depends on lot of parameters like site age,niche,profitable topics,country of your visitor,no of visiots in your blog and so many other ways. So if your blog is new and web visitors is less you can expect certin dollars per day lets say 2-3 dollar per day on avg which means the total amount from google ads will be 50-100 dollar.So to earn approximately 300-500 dollar you need atleast 5000-10000 visitors per day.If the blog is rank in google search and you can able to generate the 2000 visitors per day then you can expect 500 dollar per month..
Cpc ads are called those when a visitors click on ads and that creates money for you.If they donot click there will be no earning.

2. Publish sponsored blog posts

If your blog is not generating money or its new then that way of earning is quite difficult as your blog have less visitor.Who will be interested enough to give advertisement.Those Who interested for sponsored blog they(if the blogging is controlled by single person) or their team(in case of business or big bloggeror wensite) check the blog,visitors for blog,quality of blog,niche of the blog or website,number of backlink etc before they give any of their post or advertise.But here your expertise comes.If your marketing skill and convince skill is good enough you can expect the same.Word of mouth or choosing the clients from fiverr also work.You can charge 10-20 dollar per post which will be required approximately 50-100 post per month to earn $1000 per month from here.If you have not know how to start and how to increase your sale then just look on that topics which i have already discussed earlier How to promote affiliate links  .

Accepting sponsored content to publish on your blog can also be very profitable, however, you need to be super careful and smart about the kind of content you choose to publish.

Accepting sponsored posts is more or less the same as selling private advertising space. The only difference is that it’s a lot more contextual and long-form. That said, you still want the content of the sponsored post to be relevant, helpful, and valuable and not just filled with sales marketing with tons of outbound links.

4. Sell digital products

This is one of my favorite ways to earn income from my blog. If you have just one eBook which you can sell using your website and make anywhere between $500 per month.If you can write a useful ebook and keep the price of that $5 for each copy then to get $250-$500 dollar per ebook you need to sell 50-100 copy per month.Which is not really so hard. Reason if you keep conversion rate of 3% then to sell 100 copy you need 3300 visit per month in your website.Now 3 ebooks on different topics can bring 1000 dollar per month. Is not that interesting.

If you donot have any ebook which you write from your own or not able to sell then you can sell any other digital products like plugins, theme,software,online course etc. I really should get my thinking cap back on and create a few more, right? It doesn’t just have to be an eBook, though, you could create a full-blown online course, perhaps create an app or piece of software to sell.Information-based products are a lot easier and cost-effective to create than coding up a piece of software or application to sell.And don’t worry if you have doubts about whether your product will sell or not. As long as you can do your research first, and create something that people want, you can sell it on your blog and make money.

5.CPM ads

Cpm ads are different from cpc ads.Though these are similar in looks but cpm ads means cost per million.So every 1000 visits on your website will generate certain amount.Where most of the cpm ads are paying 2 dollar per 1000 views.Which means to get 1000 dollar per month you need atleast 1000/2*1000=500*1000=500000 visits monthly(that calculation is work if the cpm rate is 2 dollar incase if that is less you need more visitors).

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