Google domain name is that worth?

We have already seen google has provide there lot of services and most of there services are trust-able.Now google has come with there another services though that is common yet you should know about that.The new services of google called as domain name booking which can be found in the domain booking services of google has enlighten for last 3 years ago yet still it in beta phase.They provide there services with book a domain or manage the domain which means domain can be linked with server or it can be moved to other zone.In spite of new technology arrival come of apps and other domain,hosting and website is still a important thinks.  

In that section already lot of companies are providing the same services for long time like godaddy,bigrock,cheap domain etc.But with google domain booking services you will able to get some more features like as create a website,get custom email wth gsuite along with privacy control without any extra cost.The privacy control means some of your informations regarding domain will be not open using whois and these can be private or protected like name,address contact number etc.But the cost they are charging to book a domain is $12 which is nominal amount but not cheap.As per as my view The facility of domain booking services google bring to us to promote there site making using google sites.Its help users to book the domain and make the site using google site services and then add adwords coupon to promote it.They also provide customized sub domain with up to 100 sub domains, such as, and etc. This will help you to allow you to create unique pages within your website.With these domain a records,nameserver,aaa records and many other can be set as per as your need to point the domain with different hosting or server.

google domain name renew
google domain name booking

Google hosting services are used from 2002 with in couple of years of google formed.The hosting and server are become strong now a days.The gmail which was on the google’s server are reliable enough.Simple domain management tools and email forwarding option gives it extra benefit.With there domain booking services they provide option to book some unique extension type like .guru, .photography etc.Now a days the .com domain rarely found.For the excess popularity people like to book .com as there first preference.Now in the globe there is lot of company,organization,blog name ,person name are come with same and become conflict.So domain register services are encouraging to promote different kind of extension to avoid that and increase the sales.The different extension which are mostly unknown to us like .pw,.asia,.website,.tv etc are not too popular and these are come in offer with 30% to 300% discount rate of there actual price.But if you try to book or choose these domain then might be it will save your money but how many people will directly visit your site.Might be 2% .so your direct visit will be less.After book a domain you can choose bluehost hosting which will be suitable for your blog or website and then you can set the a records or nameserver added.Complete process given here.If you are looking for ecommerce or webapplication or payment website then you can choose a2hosting.

But now a big question come in our mind is that picked by search engine or not.I have never use that kind of domain except .co,.org,.net and some 3rd level or domain like,, etc.I make my mind multiple times to book these new extension-ed domain but become demotivate when I think is that pick by search engine or not as if you check in google search you can find the most popular domain and trusted domain by google search engine is .com.I have seen sometime .tv is ranked well but .guru,.pw these domain are not ranked.What you think about that?Please share your thought in the comment segment below.  

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