Popular google adsence Niches part2

A basic concept is more cpc keywords will bring the more earning from google or other ads.But beside the figure of cpc we have to check number of searches also. This post contain some high and popular google adsence niches with high cost per click and searches.

Google adsence Niches

Thought every click will not bring the same price as that depends on lot of parameters like site age,demographics, activities of the users after click,click time ratio,bounce rate etc. But atleast if that can bring 10% of the actual cpc value then that also 10$ which is quite high and effective for some keywords.

6. Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing and advertising are two of the fastest growing industries today. As more businesses move online, they need to find more efficient ways to advertise their goods and services online.Traditional marketing are replaced with digital marketing by so many segments or industry.Almost all top level companies in any industry are trying to promote there product and service using digital marketing as they thing that a powerful tool for advertising, marketing and growing there business.Lot of agency are working in that segment and competition is too high yet there is a huge chance to generate a high income from some nice article.

Keywords for the digital marketing and advertising niche attract businesses as well as learners looking for career opportunities. That’s why advertisers don’t mind paying top dollar for a single click in this highly profitable niche.

A few sub-niches of digital marketing are as follows:

Search engine optimization (SEO)
Internet marketing
Google Ads marketing
Digital media
PPC agency

Here are some of the highest paying digital marketing keywords:
Keywords Monthly                                           search volume                    CPC
Law firm web marketing                                       100 – 1k                                    $138.70
Best SEO marketing companies                          100 – 1k                                     $91.94
Search engine marketers                                       100 – 1k                                    $91.94
b2b internet marketing agency                            100 – 1k                                    $34.69
Google ads marketing agency                               100 – 1k                                    $82.72
Digital marketing advertising                               100 -1k                                     $80.00
Digital media advertising                                       100 – 1k                                    $80.00


7. Online Learning

Now a days everyone want to upgraded themselves but all have less time in hand.To take the advantage of that the online learning segments introduced there cource and make there website to sell there products.Interestingly people like to purchase the products also from them.For specialization course to master degree all have a high demand as every year people try to set a new resolutions to upgrade there knowledge for job or any other purpose.The last few years have seen a paradigm shift towards virtual learning. As more and more students engage in virtual learning, advertisers in this niche are willing to pay a sizable amount for ad clicks.

The online education niche is a profitable AdSense niche with a relatively low barrier to entry for smaller publishers.

Some online learning sub-niches include: 

Distance learning
Online schools
Online classes
Online ed
Virtual schools

The highest paying keywords for this space:
Keywords                                                  Monthly search volume          CPC (high range)
Online schools for psychology                   100 – 1k                                              $117
Distance learning degrees                          100 – 1k                                               $103
Google online courses                                 1k – 10k                                                $91
b2b internet marketing agency                 100 – 1k                                                $35
Google online class                                      100 – 1k                                                $88
Online education system                            100 – 1k                                                 $78
IT online classes                                           1k -10k                                                  $68
Online education programs                       1k – 10k                                                 $56

8. Internet and Telecoms

Another vast segment is technology which includes wireless mobile and artificial intelligence like segment which includes lot of sub segments and combined segments.Daily based technology are getting updated new products,concepts are launching. Technology is evolving at a swift pace. More so, it has changed the way we live and interact with people.Every day, there are amazing discoveries, products, apps, and tech solutions. And while some new startups are emerging, some companies are folding up.Billion of dollars are invested by those companies who are working in that domain which will bring lot opportunity for advertising platforms like website ads.

The internet and telecom niche is broad and covers a wide range of topics including

Wireless technology
Mobile technology
Artificial intelligence
Machine learning
Virtual reality
Big data and more

Some of the ideas for bloggers in this space include

Tech news and predictions
Disruptions in the tech space.
Software and technology review
Gadget reviews
Software usage tips and troubleshooting
Computer and mobile repairs

The highest paying keywords for this space:
Keywords                                                           Monthly  search volume               CPC (high range)
Phone                                                                     10k-100k                                                 $5
voip                                                                         1k – 10k                                                    $40
broadband                                                             1k – 10k                                                    $11
telecommunication                                              1k – 10k                                                    $6
telecom companies                                               1k – 10k                                                    $9

9. Automobile

The automotive industry is made up of a diverse group of businesses engaged in the design, development, production, marketing, and sale of automobiles.As it’s a large industry, automobile companies invest billions in advertising annually. This makes the automobile niche one of the most profitable for publishers. Users typically search for information both about automobiles and accessories such as auto insurance online, giving publishers a wide range of topics to work with.

Some of the sub-niches of the automobile niche are as follows

Car brands
Vintage car
German cars
American cars
Top car brands

Here are the top paying keywords for the niche:
Keywords                                                                    Monthly search volume                     CPC (cost per click)
California state automobile association                  100 – 1k                                                        $89.72
Vinfast cars                                                                    1k – 10k                                                        $28.16
Automobile technician                                                1k – 10k                                                        $18.91
Aaa southern ca                                                            100 – 1k                                                        $17.59
Top american car brands                                            100 – 1k                                                        $16.92
Automotive market                                                      1k -10k                                                         $13.33
Auto mechanical                                                           1k – 10k                                                        $12.61
Online education programs                                        1k – 10k                                                        $56.37

10. Make Money Online

With the internet economy thriving, more people are making money online, and more people want to follow suit. With this, the make-money-online niche is not only gaining more traction but also attracting advertisers. There’s competition between advertisers looking to sell their services and courses to people looking to make money online.

Make-money-online sub-niches include:

Make money from home
Online earning
Paid surveys
Survey sites
Get paid online

Top-paying keywords of this niche include:
Keywords                                                    Monthly search volume                             Cost per click
Online survey sites                                    100 – 1k                                                                $22
Online ads earning                                    100 – 1k                                                                $19
Best online survey sites                            100 – 1k                                                                $14
Win money online                                     1k – 10k                                                                $13
Legit platform to make money online   100 – 1k                                                               $6
Websites that pay                                       1k -10k                                                                $6.50
Best earning sites                                       1k – 10k                                                                $6.19

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