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Though after amazon’s prosperity and flipkart acquired by wallmart the popularity of ebay going down. Still that is one of the best site to sell the products. Companies are willing to listed there product in ebay as that still free and have a enough chance to sell costly products. Ebay is one of the best from couple of site who started the online sales 15 years ago. When online sale have no such trends and priority till then ebay work like as a magic tool to for selling old and new products.

Pierre Omidyar established eBay in San Jose, California, in 1995, making it one of the earliest and first popular ecommerce business. Omidyar’s counseling firm was the underlying proprietor of the site. Omidyar’s endeavor to enlist the space name echobay.com in 1997 was fruitless on the grounds that a gold mining organization called Reverberation Straight Mines previously claimed it. He chose to adjust the name to eBay.com. The essential objective was to unite a large number of purchasers and dealers overall to buy and sell new and utilized products. eBay might have had various names over now is the right time, however its central idea is the same. eBay is a web-based commercial center where individuals trade things. Online shoppers (counting individual merchants) set up things available to be purchased and permit purchasers to partake in web-based sell-offs to buy those things.

Ebay’s special features

Ebay has the following features which make that different from others.

1. Using eBay can be a sensible way to create a certain amount of cash by cleaning your pantry shelves and reducing points its not necessary just about any more.

2. To help sell or purchase in eBay, you will need to sign up, although this technique can be free.

3.eBay gives you a selection when buying – for you to ‘Purchase it today’at a price viewed or to bid with regard to that around an internet auction.

4. You can examine the particular reliability of some sort of supplier through reading through suggestions by earlier customers.

5.If you’re a great buy rogue, consider the particular ‘Daily Specials’and ‘Vogue Shop’websites with regard to reduced goods.

For a supplier, eBay can cost you some sort of price, and also as some sort of buyer, be aware of nearly all and product packaging charges that could be added in in top.

It is my belief that there is no easier way to make money on the Internet than by selling items through eBay. What could be simpler, a straight forward 5 step process.

1. Get something to sell :

The first step is selling any product. Service selling chances are least in ebay but in term of products obviously a great chance to sell it. Moreover  If the product which you are going to listed will be unique chances of sale it more.Either unique or most popular products which user like to purchase.

2. Image and title :

Image should be keep in proper format and be sure from the smaller image (i mean to say thumbnail) of that visitor can able to check what is listed and that should be lucrative. If your image will be simply different from the various other product which are also listed along with that then there will be a big chance to increase attraction for the ebay visitors and then that will be clicked.

3. Photograph it, and write a description. :

Write a paragraph on the product description. A Proper long description with required add on images in the body section make that more useful for any company.

4. Upload your listing to eBay :

Once that created it can be uploaded properly and now time to promote that in social media.

6. Ebay global shipping and Dispatch the item:

Once you received order from ebay start to dispatched those product after making the proper packaging.The eBay Global Shipping Program, or eBay’s GSP, is a service providing eBay sellers with international shipping services. Under the Global Shipping Program, all you need to do is to ship your item to the UK/US shipping center once you sell it. Then eBay will do the rest and handle the actual delivery to the buyer.

7. Collect your money. :

Collect Money and enjoy.

ebay global shipping

What could be simpler than that?

But I suspect what people are really asking is how can I easily get products to sell. From my experience this is what both newcomers and some experienced eBayers find difficult. So in this article I just want to highlight 5 very simple ways that you can get products to sell without even leaving your computer. This I hope that will be easy enough for everyone.

1. What, no photograph?

It is basically relies on that would it be a good idea for you do that or not.But that stunts was work too great prior times. It is my conviction that there is not really a thing recorded on eBay or any of the other internet based barters that doesn’t profit from having a photo or picture remembered for the posting. Most things that are recorded without a, as a matter of fact photo or miss directing photo that really sell will more often than not get 20% less than those with. In certain classes the figures are considerably higher. For example clothing things presented without a photo normal a 78% lower selling cost than those with. So apparently to be quite simple to peruse eBay searching for these “photograph less” things, getting them and afterward relisting with a photo. Cash for old rope, as a matter of fact.

2. Finding the poorly listed item.

There are many reasons why someone’s listing fails to attract any worthwhile bids.  Bad title, short or poor description, wrong category, poor spelling and so on.  You can find these by browsing around the auction site, but I would suggest an easier method.  Select the categories that you are interested in and look down the search feature for items finishing within the next hour. Here is where you will find the bargains that have failed to attract any bids for the reasons we have mentioned. Ebay listing can do that work better way.

3. Unsocial hours

In any book about eBay you will find tips on when is the best time for auctions to finish. The most suggested times for most items are Sunday afternoon and evenings and Wednesday evenings.  Some experts suggest that for business related items Monday or Tuesday during office hours are best. If you accept that there are times when you will get increased bids for your items there must also be times when if your auction ends you will not do so well. I would think if you have an auction that finishes between say 5 am and 8 am on a Monday morning you will not have too many people lurking to place last minute bids to push the price up. Again buy and relist with your auction set to finish at a more sociable time and you could easily make a 20% or more profit for very little effort.

4. Buy Collections

One of the easiest ways to make money on eBay shop is to cash in on other peoples laziness. If someone has say a collection of 10 dogs food, it is a fact that if they put all ten in one listing as a collection they will get less than if they had listed each item separately. But it is amazing how many sellers cannot be bothered to do this. I have in the past bought such a collection and actually made more from one of the items than I had paid for the whole collection. The collections can be ebay jewellery, ebay computer, ebay phone, iphone, watches, clothing etc.

5. ebay auctions.

Ebay become mostly popular for auctions. Even that will be a new products, ,old products, unique products, antique piece of items all can be sold here. Over 95% of all online auction sales are on eBay. eBay have the largest number of registered buyers and items listed for sale. For this reason items offered for sale on eBay get the best prices. So why not search around some of the smaller online auctions, because in many cases items listed with them will not attract such a good prices as could be achieved on eBay. Then all you have to do is buy from them and relist on eBay.

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