CPM , CPA or CPC which will work best

That is a most common question when we start a blog or running blog for a long time.It also make me curious lot of time and doing lot of research and reading other experience on that I come in a conclusion which I will like to share you in that post.First of all you have to know well what is cpm and what is cpc.

CPM: cost per million which means the advertising network will pay you based on your each million views.Though google pay with both of that means cpm and cpc but there are some advertising network which never pay based on the cpc only give based on cpm.And her we will consider the cpm based network only not those who gives cpm and cpc based earning.

CPC:Cost per click.It means the advertising network pay based on the per click.If no click then no payment.Only views does not matter to them.

CPA: Cost per action.It means advertiser only pays where there is a action taken by the viewers.It can be any based on the derived and declared action type by advertiser like download app,purchase a product,left a email,download software,do a survey or by generating leads.Lot of advertiser are in that segment.

Now if we talk about google adsence then most of us know that adsence gives cpm earning but that wrong simply they provide cpm,cpc and cpa all in a single opportunity.Hope you some time see that 1 click can bring 1 cent where 1 click can bring 10 dollar sometimes. At least that happens with me.For 1 of my blog which was a micro blog was mostly give me 3 cent on per click on average.On a range you can say 1 cent to 5 cent.I was about to get 10 clicks on average each day from that blog alone.But 1 day see 2 click which gives me 10 and 5 dollar.I was little bit confused but after researching a lot come to know that these clicks gives a cpa which means the visitors not only click they purchased a product or leave there number as a sales lead.So I get that kind of amount which perform better that can gives more better output.Thats the power of adsence and that’s why this advertising network of google is so popular.Hope the same happens for you also. Some time I also seen that google adsence gives cpm based earning where there is o click but as the visits gone more than 1000 I got a certain number of earning 0.05$-0.2$ per click.Though I have see that mostly in admob.If you not read the article of manage social media then you should check that. Also a long list for social media sites is available for you if you are willing to try these.

Now question is which can give you better payout?

All of the above can give you better but simply depends how your blog is and how much visitors it generates.Though google have a high trust level so that company can give a better payout and adsence have completed more than 10 years of journey which can bring a little bit extra confidence to us that this network should run for so long let say 30-40 year more atleast.

cpc based on world map
cpc based on world map

Which network will be perfect for your site?

It simply depends upon the number of visits,page visits,duration of users staying in your site,their interest and activity towards your site or blog and the number of post.

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