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To get a success from a blog only seo is not enough you need to blog and write ups is very much required. Only Seo is not enough to get traffic if a blog with very little number of post or the post is completely empty or having very less words. A good combination of seo with long post (more than 2000 words) both required to get benefit and ranked. Though some website ranked only with some less word that only happens if that website of blog is very popular and already have large number of daily traffic.content seo or seo content writing the two terms simply but we here we will discussed about how content and seo both are related.

Concept of the blogging comes from log which means write the every days working or maintain a diary. Dairy Can only write by those people who have passion for writing.Its look like a very easy job when some one have a good communication skill but trust me its very difficult for anyone who ha been not willing to do blogging as a passion.Reason it need lot of patience.That’s the first and most important things and next will be the power of writing about some thing.

Blogging is rewarding, easy and yes, lucrative—you just need to know one little secret to blogging success that will make your audience take off! It’s something new bloggers (and even some veteran bloggers) struggle with.As these new bloggers are not aware about their audience or how to reach them.If you have a business community using your blog then most of the work you have done.Now monetize it with various options.You can choose google adsence or any affilate network ot CPM network which provides you money based on ad views not on click.

As a blogger, knowing your audience is very much essential as you do not know to whom you have to reach.In any business or work might be you are looking for a product.Let assume a printer.What you will do you have always three option choose from internet by searching who are proving that product.Secondly go for a supermarket or shop and asking for that product if that available for you or not.Third option is choose some one who you know.But in these option if some one says that he sell that product or you come to know from internet/blog that that person selling that product then that will be easy enough for you to contact and purchase that product.So some one is a seller of a printer then he/she have a option to reach that audience and sell something.But is that possible?Some time yes and sometime know as tat person contact details you can never find out only you have option to approach and highlight that product using internet platform specially by blogging or using your website content.and connecting with your audience is vital. If you aren’t sure who your audience is, you’re going to miss the mark as that case you will always try to reach to the mass of people which will not be good.Because no one have so much knowledge in every segment.So at first choose the segment on which you have enough knowledge.Alternatively you have another option first choose the topics where you have to write and then gain knowledge to write a perfect blogs and write ups. Connecting with your audience is the number one thing you must do to become a successful blogger.

Is your target audience is a fond of technical gadgets then you need a blog on technical gadgets.?

Or is your target audience is housewife who found their most of the interest in making foods then you need a food blog where you can write about different recipe?

Or Is your target reader a businessman who’s interest to take knowledge about the business strategy or plan then marketing prospects blog will be perfect suit for you.

Or Is your target reader a mom who’s trying to figure out life skills then hope you find your concepts for the blog.

Or Is your target audience made up of moms who work full-time and can’t keep attention to their health then it need a blog on health and stress management.

Or Is your target audience a stay-at-home mom who become a private tutor or tutor for her kids then you need to write on a teaching.

Some time it also happens that you are not sure which will be your target audience zone or you have chosen 2-3 topics for your blog then that also not a problem just go ahead.But one problem is you have to take knowledge on various section otherwise you will be nothing to generate.If you thinking to copy paste other content who has been already written about that then leave it as you know the first place in google search bring 60% of visits remain 40% divided to the rest 9 result and most probably 3-4% are goes to then next couple of pages on that condition if users not found the actual result which they are seeking for.

Once you set your zone of writing and then add some valuable and good blog post with enough information the third process is share in social media and others to create visitors and back links.But are you still adding post or writing blogs or not that question arise if you see a sign curve in your traffic growth.If not try to write a post per week and then 1 post in every 3 days and then 1 post every 2 days or best if you do regularly.If you follow and write continuously then only you can expect a huge number of increase in traffic then user that traffic to sell your affiliated products or your own products.

Figuring out your avatar is an involved process. It’s not something that comes from sitting down and jotting out quick notes. Your avatar is very specific. In fact, there are plenty of topics your avatar isn’t interested in at all. She has likes and dislikes and opinions about all sorts of subjects. Your avatar is going to shape everything you write.

If you really want to reach your audience you need to write to them directly. You need to relate to your blog readers with honestly. You need to talk about their problems and figure out ways to solve them. You need to give them the guidance, direction and value they’re seeking when they read your posts.Also check blog writing benefits.

Your avatar isn’t there to purchase items from you, click your links or even create your crafts or recipes. Your avatar reads your blog, because it speaks to her directly and adds value to her life. If you don’t speak to your avatar, she won’t read your blog.

One question might be arise in your mind that How Do I Connect with My Audience using my blog?

Your audience is the people who read your blog posts they might be new traffic or the returning users traffic.So bring them by using the social media or guest post first once the visibility of blog will be better then there will a always huge chance to strongly indexed that page in search engine.


The next stage is sharing the content But your blog readers might click over from Pinterest, they might read something on Facebook, click and land on your page or they search for an answer on Google and wind up on one of your posts. While all those people are technically your “audience,” not all of them are actually your true readers. If true readers in your blog are going less means the bounce rate are higher. Bounce rate means the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. The more bounce rate means more chance to down the rank in google search. It directly means people not like your site or blog and they are come to your website by mistake after they click on the link from the ranking of sites in google search.

content seo
                                                                                 google analytics bounce rate

So even your blog or website ranked for some keywords in google yet a huge chance it will loose its ranking when more people are returned from the landing pages from search. In short when bounce rate will increase it will decrease sites ranking. Google do not want to listed those website which are not deserve to rank.That’s why internal  linking of a website is most important. The flow should be go on From 1 page to another and another page to 3rd page etc. Once a visitors come to your website it means a chances for earning money are in your website. If they willing to go for more pages it will increase your page views side by side it will increase chances for purchase affiliate or your products. If those visitor like your website then they will come back again to your website. Which means the number of returning user will become high and they can become your loyal customer.

You have to be sure and take decision first or choose your audience first that way…


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