Regular blog writing benefits

Daily blog writing not only help you to build a habit it also has lot of benefits. The all benefits of general and earning prospective are given below.

General Prospective

These following are general point of view which are help to increase skills which can be used in either job purpose or other various purpose.

Generate Habit:

Once you started to write blog regularly it will help you to gain the interest in it. It will be so usual like other daily routine.You will not feel exhaust when you will like that. In starting you might be feel exhaust to write some new post. But once it become habit it will be so easy for you.

Increase Speed for writing:

If you have already written more than 20 blog post or article with 1000 or more words you might be notice time to writing the 1000 words become quite easy and taking less time. Generally the first 20 blog post for 1500 words take approximately 1-2 hour time or more as you are simply new to that topic or you are not familiar with that job.But after 20-30 blog writing it will take only 1-2 hour of time. The more you write the more you will be become expert. At first it might take 4 hours for writing a post or more as it not only writing it need research about the topics.For a common topics for which you have written lot of blog will take more less time let say within 1 hour you can write a complete article. The more you will write will help to reduced more time to write the article.

Increase your vocabulary

Once you start to write more post you will be come to know different words which increase your vocabulary and grammar. You will make less mistake when you will write those.

Polished your Spelling errors and Grammar

Your grammar sense will more better and spelling errors will be less. If English is not your mother language then writing in English will help to know the language more well.You can use that expertise in other various fields like in working field and other.

Increase typing speed

Typing speed also increased along with speed of writing. The average typing speed is around 40 words per minute (wpm). If you want to be very productive, you should aim for a typing speed of 65 to 70 words per minute.

Increase your IQ

More written article by you will increase your knowledge about various topics and increase your iq also. As with regular blog writing you will feel easier to writing  essay, letter, applications ,construction of sentences etc which will increase your IQ level. Beside that knowing about various topics will make you wise.

Come to know various topics

Either it a niche or micro niche blog you will come to know about the various topics related to that niche. For each blog post it needs the time to write More writing will help you to earn better.Your knowledge will increased you will come to  know about various questions and answers.

Earning prospective

That segment only contain the earning benefits for you by writing the content for your blog post. The list of benefits in different area directly or indirectly are given below.The rest of the points apart from the first point is containing about the monetary benefits from your blog.

Professional Content Writer

Once you have written more than 40 post with 1000 or more word each post then in total you will write about 40000 words which are help you to become a professional blog writer.

Do freelancing Work as as content writer

Apart from working as a content writing  job you also be work with various freelancing work.For a fresher you can charge less than $50 per post. But once you expertise with advance levels of writing then you can charge more than $100 per blog post with 1000 or more words.The professional writer charge either per word based or the full article based. Yet in total you can earn $50-$100 per article. 5 cent so or 10 cents for each word is very common and accepted charges in that zone.

Increase page views:

More blog post will help to interlinking in between them. If you do that properly then total page views per month for your blog will more increased. More Page views  also help you to increase earning from ads. For affiliates it also work great. More page views will increase the chances for clicks. Now if the affiliates cookie time will higher then whenever they will purchase the product you will earn the affiliate sales earning.

Increase ranking:

Targeted visitors means visitors from search engine. Search engine mostly preferred as google. Google love contents. So more content by adding more blog post means you are helping your blog to increase the chances of rank.

Increase Crawling Rate:

The more article added will chance to increase the daily crawling rate for google web master tool become better.

Increase earning from ads:

Google Ads really perform well if any blog have lot of web traffic and that blog is ranked in google search for so many keywords. If that happens then a huge chance for earning good money from ads. The ranking in google required perfect keyword research and write blog with mixing of those keywords and original content. The pefect keyword research can be done using the semrush. The process given in that post how to use semrush keyword research.



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