Best practices for ppc landing pages

A landing page is a page on a website that has been specifically created for users referred from a paid search campaign.In that post we will come to know what are the best practices for ppc landing pages. Its can be a paid search or can be a normal link which comes from google search but not paid, rather than paid it will be  from seo. But whenever traffic come to landing pages to increase its conversation always try to make that more better and effective, attractive and conversion friendly. The more conversion friendly the page is the more chances for conversion which obviously low the promoting cost or conversation cost. If you no idea what conversion rate normally can be gained from the web then you must check out that article.

Landing pages are lengthy pages (which contain all information for that product or service ) intended to maximize conversion rates, whether that means making a sale or capturing a lead. In case of sales the details about the the products, products question answer , reviews all are placed in that landing pages. For B2C or b2b when the company is selling products then that mostly refer typically an online order for products. For product oriented companies that work a bit different rather than it sales directly there is a online form which help to capture the data from the website visitors online form to generate a marketing lead.

To be effective, landing pages need to combine the following in order to improve the user experience and increase conversion rates:


Usability directly connected with the conversion rate for landing  pages. The more better usability increase the chances for more better conversion rate.


The conversion rate directly connected with the accessibility. The more easier accessibility the more chances for getting high range conversion.


Persuasiveness means the quality of being able to make you want to do or believe a particular thing. Here the action is to click on the link and get leads from the visitor or real buyer.

Develop trustable brand:

After developing a treatable brand  there is a huge chance to get more people attracted to your landing page which  help to get more visits.

It is possible to follow best practice from these disciplines into the heuristics that form the 12 guidelines detailed below. Experienced search engine marketers apply these concepts all the time.

Before running through best practice guidelines, it is worth bearing in mind that a particular constraint related to accessibility is the platform used to access the landing page. Take a look in the website analytics package to discover which devices and browsers (including which versions of those browsers) are being used by visitors. A keyword tool can help to increase conversion rate also. Some high search keywords can be extracted and those can be targeted to ranked..

Also be aware of the most popular screen resolution for visitors. How much of the page is typically seen and how their browser renders it are two huge elements that can affect the campaign results, and so it may be worth segmenting tests accordingly.These are the most important following parts which can increase conversion rate for any landing pages.

 Create pages unique to each campaign

    Align your headline, offer & CTA

    Use creative design & images

    Write brief and compelling copy

    Use video when appropriate

    Include assurances when possible

    Use minimal form fields

    Avoid distractions

   Keep the page relevant to the keywords you’re bidding on

    A/B test different elements


1. A/B Test Different Elements

A/B testing is the process of continually experimenting with on-page factors to increase your landing page’s performance. Pick an element to test instead of trying to test everything at once. Some common places to start testing are headlines, images, CTA copy or button colors.

2.The important information in top fold

All PPC ads, banners and landing pages must have a clear CTA so that your audience innately knows the next step to take on the path to conversion. Be sure to align the CTA with the headline and offer on the landing page.

Let’s pretend you’re running a Valentine’s Day promotion and offering 15% off your entire website. In this case, the headline should read something along the lines of Get 15% Off – No Minimum Required! or This Week Only: 15% Off Everything. Then, align the CTA with the offer using copy such as “Save Now” or “Get 15% Off.” Remember to keep the CTA above the fold, too.

Keeping these three elements consistent across all PPC landing pages creates a seamless user experience from the moment your audience sees the ad to the moment they convert.

3. Unique Pages To Each Campaign

If same type of pages create with same the for each campaign then web visitors  loose there interest most of the cased. That’s why the first and most important rule to eCommerce or service oriented PPC is to create landing pages unique to each campaign. There’s no point in directing users to the same page for different campaigns. Most of the company set a common page for all ecommerce product and forward the traffic to same page for different campaign. They thing using that way can promote a main page and save cost. But that not work too good.  For example, if your goal is to drive more leads, you’ll need to direct your audience to a page where they can submit a form and share their personal information, like their name and email, with you.

Though the homepage is the most important page on any website, avoid driving traffic here. The homepage will not perform as well as a highly optimized landing page with a clear call-to-action (CTA). It creates multiple conversion funnel paths, making it difficult to properly analyze performance from your PPC campaign. Plus, users are more likely to meet your goal if there is less information on the page.

4. Use Creative Design & Images

Visuals are just as important as the headline and CTA. They help brands tell a story and show off products, but it’s important to keep the visuals relatable to the offer. Let’s go back to the 15% off example from above. This time, let’s pretend you’re offering 15% off of specific products only, like chocolates. If you sell other food and perishable items through your eCommerce store, it’s imperative that they are excluded from this offer. In this case, you’d want to include only images of chocolates on the PPC landing page and exclude other food products.

If your eCommerce brand sells services rather than products, like Groove Commerce does, then it doesn’t make sense to use product photography. In this situation, we encourage creating relevant graphics, like the one seen below that we use to promote our eCommerce Advertising Guide.

5. PPC Landing Page Best Practice: Use Creative Design & Images

Here, we included a tablet graphic of the downloadable eBook in the thumbnail image of the promotional video − rather than keeping this page empty and free of visuals. This way, people who visit the page are quick to recognize the offer.

6. Add offers or discount

If you have any lucrative offer then you must add that in the landing page first fold to make it more sell-able.

7. Add Contact details or email ids

Though the form can be a good alternative for that and reduce spam but some time the contact number or email id addition in landing page increase the chances for conversion rate. People like to call instantly instead fill the complete form. I believe that can be a good way to increase opportunity.

8. Write Brief & Compelling Copy

Website visitors generally scan through the words on a page to get the gist of it. Keep things simple by writing brief yet compelling copy. Bullet points are a great way to get your brand’s message across to visitors clearly and concisely.

9. Include Assurances When Possible

Build consumer trust and confidence with your brand by including trust signals, like previous customers’ testimonials or product reviews. People like to know what their peers think of products and services, so make it easy for them to see by displaying this user-generated content on the page.

In addition, display security assurances, certifications and guarantee seals to prove that your website is trusted and reliable among online shoppers. This is especially important for first-time visitors who are typically hesitant to purchase from a brand they’re unfamiliar with.

10. Add reviews

Do not forget to add listed reviews which you received from your buyer for your products. More review with proper photo of those reviewer can increase trust level to the new buyer which help to increase conversion. The reviews can be placed in the second fold or below the half screen but a huge chance it can make the page more convertible.






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