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We can write content for your blog for that you have to fill the form below.We have a team of experienced writers.The cost will be following

  1. An article upto 600 words(200-600) = 4 cents or  3 rs per word minimum order 10 article
  2. An article upto 1200 words(600-1200) = 3 cents or  2 rs per word minimum order 6 article
  3. An article upto 2000 words(1200-2000) = 2.5 cents or  1.50 rs per word minimum order 2 article

so a 400 word article (mostly used) will cost you $16 or 1200 rs where 1000 word article (another popular article size) cost you  $30 dollar or 2000 rs.The mostly accepted article with 2000 words will charge you $50 or 3000 rs.

  • Each article will write on a single topics and after confirm your order you cannot cancel.
  • All article will be in English no other language.
  • Not accepted write for any sensitive category or topics.
  • Fresh article seo friendly we do not use any software all are written by human manually and content will be fresh or re writable.

If you are looking for our article writing services or digital marketing for your business then please fill the form below with all details we will get back to you. We can take care about your business digital marketing and can increase sales or leads.If you are interested just fill up the form with write digital marketing with contact details we will get back to you.

We also provide voice recording services for your elearning projects, audio podcast,audio for video,audio for explainer video etc. (Content will be provided by clients or if we write from our own then the cost will be separately and different.)

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