How to Buy Hosting in HostGator

Hostgator server are really good these help you to increase the loading speed of your website.Moreover hostgator is one of the very old company where you can expect good after sale service. One of the very first steps to setting up a website is to buy a hosting plan. Buying a hosting plan is not difficult, but most new bloggers find it challenging to understand which web hosting service is the best choice, which plans to buy, and how to make the purchase.

If you are new to Hostgator, it is one of the best WordPress web hosting services available. I also offer a discount coupon here, which will help you to save money on your hosting plan.First of all click on that link

Hostgator offers many plans, but for a new website (WordPress, Static, PHP, etc.), shared hosting offers a good start. In this tutorial, I will be buying Hostgator’s “Baby” plan for one year. The Baby plan offers unlimited everything, and it is especially perfect for any blogger who would like to host more than one website.

Hosting service charges are usually based on the package you are buying. The cost of hosting increases with the level of the package you buy. For example, a cloud and dedicated servers are the costliest forms of hosting, followed by VPS, and then shared hosting.

For beginners, I always suggest buying a shared hosting package, due to the low cost. So let’s get started with our beginner’s guide to purchasing a hosting service:

On the next page under the “Baby Plan” dropdown, select one year or more. I suggest booking your hosting for at least two years.You can choose Hatchling plan but with that you can only host 1 website so better to choose baby plan which help you to host unlimited websites with the same plan.So using that all your blogs, niche sites or websites can be hosted properly.

Like other hosting plan selection in hostgtor you have also click on the domain name which you want to host in hostgator.Just need to add the domain name in the text block where it asking for enter your domain.If you already own domain, select the part which says “I currently have a domain name.” Otherwise, you can buy a domain from Hostgator. Remember, Hostgator charges a high amount for domain. I would suggest buying a domain from GoDaddy or from some other site where the cost will be less for you and use that domain, placing it in the field which says “Currently Have a Domain Name.”

In the next steps you have to choose the package type which you like to choose and then go further.Each plan have different cost as per billing cycle.If you already choose the plan in the link then it will automatically set here.Security pin is work like as password which generally use when you call to customer care then it will be help you to verify your ownership so you have to note down that somewhere.

Here you can select the hosting plan you want to have.What really important is the billing cycle. My suggestion is to get hosting for 24 to 36 months which means 2 or 3 years period.This is the last page, where you will complete the purchase of your Hostgator account before doing the paymant. You can change the duration of hosting from here. Select a username for your account, as well as a security pin.

Reason being, as you increase the tenure, overall cost decreases. Moreover, in the next step, you will find a discount coupon worth 20-40% of total bill. This is your only chance to get the discount on your purchase.You have to add that coupoun code “SNAPPY” to avail that offer.We will come with more discount and esssentiallist one coupoun shortly once it start working again.For a time being  purchase with the new coupoun code given above and get high end of discount.

In the “billing info” field, you need to give your address and phone number. I suggest that you double check this information making sure it is correct, as they are going to call you on your provided mobile number to verify the intended purchase.

This is to ensure the security of your account. Here you can also select your payment method: PayPal or Credit card. If you select PayPal, on the next page, you will be redirected to the PayPal payment page.

In the additional service section, ensure you uncheck everything. Most of the paid add-ons are not worth is as we have the complementary free alternatives.Though that simple optional and depend on you only would you like to select of not.From these optional additional services you can choose only site backup if you want auto backup or you are lazy enough to take any manual backup.

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